Monday, August 4, 2008

Campbell Maurice Tully

My handsome son Campbell turned eight today.

So the house has been inundated with toy helicopters, batman merchandise, racing cars, lego - and cousins from all around eager to see the toy helicopters, batman merchandise, racing cars and lego!

The day of celebration is all over now, yet I am still finding bits of chocolate cake and half deflated balloons underfoot.  This makes me smile, because I love birthdays.  I love the cuddles, the presents, the candles, and the traditional birthday song - how often I have sung you...

Campbell is my baby, and my wise old man, all rolled into one!  He loves all of the traditional eight year old things like batman & pocket knives, but he is also a philosopher; he often asks me questions about the world that I had never queried.  He is my part boy, part Legolas, explorer of unknown things, and lands.  An equestrian knight who sometimes wheres a cape, or a hat that looks like it's Robin Hood's...

He is a gentlemen.  And he is just a pleasure to know and love everyday.  

I am exhausted after a day of running around in order to make his birthday something special.  And it has been just that!  A total success!  

As I finally put my feet up I reflect on the knowledge that the celebration is fun, but it's the commitment I have to that boy every day that matters; and hopefully is what he remembers about his childhood in years to come.

I know this magical time of  having young children is fleeting...  so I endeavor to enjoy every day, and every birthday.

Shell xx


  1. Happy Birthday to Campbell!!!

    Oh i hope he had a very special day eight my goodness!!!

    I do hope for Joel very special birthdays too!


  2. What a handsome man he is! (Undoubtably the curly hair) He sounds like so much fun; such a precious spark in the world. Happy Birthday Campbell! Being 8 is just the best...

  3. Dear Shell, loved hearing about Campbell's birthday and your delight in him!

    I believe that's how the Lord feels about each one of us, His precious children, delighting in us and wanting the best for us and maybe even exhausted trying to keep up with us : )

    Campbell is so blessed to have such a loving Mummy!



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