Monday, July 1, 2013

Half Year Resolutions...

What the last 6 months has taught me, the next 6 months will inspire me to...

Spend the rest of this year, more mindful slowing down to enjoy the present - not always planning ahead;
But remembering also, to plan ahead! Set goals for myself, because I work better when I'm working towards something...
 To hold my babies tight, and make one-on-one time, with each of the five of them, so they all know how especially special they are : )
Go for Winter walks with my bestie;
Get back to playing my piano, and preparing to record that solo album;
Finish this weight loss thing, and move into maintenance mode once and for all;
Eat clean, and organic and fresh - for body, mind and soul;

And then indulge once in a while!
To stop eating my feelings - and start blogging of them, again.

{Oh, and now I've spoilt the ending}...

Get back to my blogging, I have missed this place, and those who I read, and who drop by for a gander at the aspects of this, my poetic life.

It feels so good to be back! 

Talk soon,

Shell xx


  1. Oh my dear and lovely kindred friend, seeing all this, knowing all this makes me happy... You are an inspiration in all you do and resolve to do with your heart, body, voice & mind! Bless you... and I look forward to seeing you more around these parts :)

    1. Thank you friend. I have to own that I am not getting here as often as I might like to, but my heart it certainly here. And your words are very soothing to find here upon my return. Bless xx

  2. Hello Shell, long time, no read ;-) I'm so glad to see you've posted here again. I do hope to read more from you soon. You've made a wonderful physical transformation of yourself but your lovely heart will always be the same. I love the artist's sketch of you and I can't wait to hear your new solo album. Hugs. xx


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