Monday, August 30, 2010

Poetic Silhouette...

Through my sunroom window, a slightly springy looking sunshine sings in through the curtains, making a poetic silhouette out of my little weed tree which sprung itself there a few years ago, and never did I have the heart to remove.

For it has been many times, the creature I look up at from the computer and make my muse while writing to you.  I find, so much can be explained and expressed through the seasonal changes of a tree.

It has been a long winter from where I sit.  A season which has been filled with much shivering, much joy, many important deliberations and decisions in front of the log fire and over renovating my holiday apartment in the city so I can start my new job as a very small time hotelier...

One of the big decisions I feel I have had to make is about the new album which I am writing, and should be recording, but haven't been for some months now...  The winter, and the weight of children and pregnancy and bills and work and my general cloudy head-ed-ness (!) have sadly stunted my creative flair for the last few months.  I feel so guilty telling you, but less guilty now that I have.

But I feel very sure, that I will soon be back in bloom.

That dormant branches are nearly ready to give new life, and new leaf, to new days where the sun shines a little longer through my windows each day, and there born are new creative endeavours.

I am so passionate about making these new songs take flight.  And so ready to honour them as such when all of my creativity and passion is primed to do them justice.  So near is the end of my winter, so close the dawn of new life.


Shell xx


  1. Such beautiful thoughts, beautiful writing and beautiful photos. It's always good to hear from you! :)

  2. I know that feeling of being a winter tree. The juice begins to flow so suddenly though, and when it does, there is no stopping it... I cannot wait to hear more about the new music.

  3. Shell, those tree shadows take my breath away! Love it! And you have nothing to feel guilty about young lady! We all take time to complete a dream and this is no different. You'll get there I feel certain. I do love you x


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