Thursday, October 21, 2010

"But, Brethren, my own garden is but small, and in the middle of a bare hillside.  It has borne no fruit fit to offer any of you.  And also my heart is troubled about many things, and God has humbled me.  I ask you, therefore, to bear with me for a time while I break through the bonds of custom in order to try to provide you with food.  Should I fail in this, I shall make room for a better man.  But for your bread today, I go gleaning openly in other men's fields..."

Excerpt from 'The Curate's Awakening' by George MacDonald 1876

With all my love, and apologies for recent silence.

Shell xx

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Plantings...

There have been some clearings...
some outdoor working bees in Hillview's spring sunshine,
lots of digging and raking,
and then at long last -
some new plantings in my garden!

With the inspiring work ethic and botanical knowledge and talents of my Mother-In-Law, and Sisters-In-Law, my Emma, my Campbell, my Sean, and my little Tara using an old tea pot as her watering can and keeping all the new plantings well saturated!

So I thought I should share the beauty being created recently in my own back yard...

They're only new, and will flower next year I believe, but darling - I have hydrangeas!!!

And possibly every coloured daisy!

I have a new fence!
{Thank you Scott, and thank you husband!}
I always prefer to see wood, rather than metal, (except corrugated iron which is fabulously Australian, and so very, farmy)!

And I have two beautiful yellow climbing roses planted against that fence, I cannot honestly wait until they bloom in all their glory in a season to come.

And I too am planning to bloom,
so very, very soon...

Shell xx

Friday, October 8, 2010

With a slice of lime...

...A few mosquitos, and a hint of warm-ish air, we had our first outdoor dinner of the season.

Toast, and fresh rocket, alongside a gourmet omelet made by my husband.  Dry ginger ale, with a slice of lime...

I'm sorry for my recent silence here, but soon all shall be well, and ready to tell...

Shell xx