Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still life (moving quickly)...

{You ought to know by now that I am powerless to resist collecting gum leaves on the ground whilst out walking}!

And my baby, soon to be celebrating his first year since birth.

I find myself this night - which accidentally turned early morning - a smidgeon wiser, and a little better at watching, and listening to the little things, which seem to stand still...  

But are moving so quickly.

Shell xx

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tea ...and diesel.

On a sensationally gorgeous Summer (New Years) day, we realised we had less than no money in our purses, but just enough diesel in our car, we set off with a flask of tea in our basket and *tongue in cheek*  adventure in our spirits!  We drove into the mountains & happened upon a little fresh water creek oasis where we splashed about for a while and smiled, at how thrilling it can be to make the very best out of very little.

In the evening I packed my slow cooked curry and homemade bread into a dillybag and we ate in the paddock amongst the long grass and kangaroos...

{Photos by Jamie}

And made it home again, before the rain.

Shell xx

Post Script: for any non-Aussies, or just anyone who might find it as interesting as I did -
 the definition of a Dillybag can be sourced here, and here : )