Thursday, December 13, 2012

On our Anniversary...

You couldn't be here, because you're working so hard abroad to keep our bills paid and our family fed (and a little extra money for Christmas).

Yet you still spoke to me the moment you woke up, by saying Good Morning in your sweet and loving tone.

You still sent me flowers, delivered with love and a hug by a surprise visitor... *thank you*

You wrote me a text which said: "If I could do it all over, the only change I'd make is to meet you sooner."

You still made me feel special, and so loved even from afar.

For Sixteen years I have been your girl.  And I will love you with all that I have, until forever.

Shell xx


  1. What a beautiful love story. xx

  2. Oh Shell, your story is beautiful INDEED! And your dear face says it all... happy happy anniversary to you and Jamie. And I'll say it again, you inspire us in your love, faith, friendship and devotion to each other, so much xx

    1. Thank you so much dear Windhover. That is praise indeed, and I will endeavour to be worthy of it. Blessings to you, an your love, this season.


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