Monday, March 29, 2010


A new day is dawning...

And if you've found me here than welcome to the same blog - with new web address!  New look!  And making of a New album coming soon...

If you link me on your website or blog, I would be so grateful if you could change the web addy to the above so as to be sure you can come back here, and find me.  I look forward to seeing you again.

Do tell me how you feel, what you think?

Loving on you...

Shell xx

Friday, March 26, 2010

Raging, focussed, brighter better...

Hello sweeties!

Just writing to say
that my love has come home again
from recent work trip
and the world now is completely
That rays of light
are a brighter bright
against my face,
and my mind-
is the more creative
and smiley for it.



I have been completely smitten with a certain YouTube Channel... {I do that.}

It was insisted, several months ago that I purchase a copy of Imogen Heap's new album Ellipse - by one of my favourite little she bloggers... So anyway, I did - and I have loved and lapped it up from one song to the next.

But her YouTube vBlog of the making of the album - EEEEKKK! Never was I more excited and inspired to follow something!

I must tell you, it's what I needed. I am officially spurred on to finish my demos, and get new songs to recording ready. To make this little beauty of an album {which at the moment exists solely in my own head!} and stop worrying about the things I can't do - and just quieten down my raging spirit, & focus on the making of art! Today! The making of my new album.

And yeah, you're gonna stick around for the journey aren't you?

Video Blog coming soon...

Shell {songsmith} xx

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Now, don't assume that because I haven't been posting a whole lot in this space of late, that I haven't been doing lots of amazing things, enjoying lots of amazing artists, making lots of amazing food, and seeing lots of an amazing technicolor dream coat that I think we all know of...

I have been gigging - packing up my little travel pack of singing/music making accessories...

{Self confessed addict if accessories!}

I have been pancakes on a Saturday morning - slow breakfasts after fast gigs the nights before - with strong tea, and berries soaked in lemon juice, and a little pure maple... The occasion? Ah, a love of life!

I have been excelling at providing banana cake afternoon teas, for my hard working, awe inspiring women folk, while they work in the garden making our home look amazing. I am like the Omi inside baking up treats for the workers!

...I ventured outside a little myself. Gazing at amazing, tall trees.

And packing picnics with my niece and nephews amongst the glory of amazing Autumn afternoons...

I even let Tara run off with my camera at one point! And when I downloaded the two hundred pictures she had taken, this one struck me as nothing short of amazing - only that I, and select other kindreds in my circle, possess the desire to photograph the ground on which we're standing...

Amen to an amazing week of handmade pleasures.

Shell xx

Friday, March 19, 2010

a Belated Birthday Gifting...

Arrived as a surprise, in the mail.

From my Jamie. For my birthday.

Thank also to etsy!

Now my iPhone will stay warm this winter...

I am doing a fundraiser gig tonight for the family of one of my husband's fellow young work colleagues who passed away suddenly last year at the age of 32.

I feel blessed, to be alive enough, and well enough, to serve them tonight.

Wishing you a blessed weekend!

Shell xx

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Presenting... my first little doodle...

...Well it's been a tough road kids.

Slaving for hours over my canvas and palate - staring at the results of my tiresome labour while sucking down entire punnets of strawberries and fruit smoothies in my sunroom.

But against all odds such as these, here it is!

The easel - which I think is even more beautiful, and more a work of art than the painting - was made for me, by my darling husband. My Jamie.
A gift for my birthday - and a response to me whining about the inconvenience of having to bend over the table in order to create this masterful, nonsensical doodle!

But, with all this said and done, I did promise you I would finish my very first oil painting by my birthday, and I did. It was completed on Sunday (the day before), and it is called -

The Dream

{Abstract} interpretation of the whirling thoughts
feelings one encounters throughout sleep...
Whites, soft blues representing falling into - light sleep,
while deeper darker, more layered colours
express the twists and turns,
hopes fears and tumblings of heavy slumber.

I feel I've made a start on a study, and a hobby, which so far I have very much enjoyed. A new way to express myself, and a sort of coming full circle from high school Art class... And such is with every new adventure - more depth of thought and Holy Spirit, I have sought, and found.

- Anxious, nervous, nevertheless eager, for your thoughts...

Shell xx

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dawn of a Birthday...

Before the dawn broke on Hillview this morning, I arose and put on my walking shoes. Determined to see the sunrise on this, the first day of my 32nd year!

And while I waited for the sun to meet me, up over the shield of Black Mountain and it's tower across the way, I made you a little video blog (my very first in fact!) ...

My voice was a little bit flimsy, being that is was 6.30am! I hope you can hear me! It was my first attempt at this new self-filmed media, & I plan to add more VBlog entries from now on.

But back to the dawn of my birthday... so, not long after I spoke to you...

Up, she started to come..

The hills were alive, and I was like an Australian Maria! On my own, with my birthday sunrise...

And two young male Kangaroos, fighting...

Balloons - (undoubtedly arranged there just for me!)

On my decline from the mountain, I felt so glad that I had gone to see the dawn break on my earthly birthday. I was light, and practically skipped all the way home!

It feels good to be 32! And to know that I am really starting to understand the meaning, of my life. Which is to love, and to serve. And any gifts I have; to sing, or to write - are tools to be used to aid in this service. I love looking back upon the years, and knowing I am so changed in so many ways. Though still a bit of an idiot, still a tragically emotional poet, and still laughing, (mostly at myself)...

Still me.

But a little more fond of my good ol' self, each year. Which too, must aid, in my service.

Thank you for coming, to my party.

Shell xx

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morning, on the Round Hill...

It is said that my husband's grandfather and grandmother would walk together on Round Hill while they were courting. It is also said that they fell in love there...

I fall in love there every time I go. With the misty mornings at such a latitude. Able to see a flock of hot air balloons taking off for an early Autumn morning float. I happened upon these the other morning, I was unprepared without my Nikon, but my iPhone was able to capture some of what I saw... {note: tiny specks = hot air balloons without a zoom lens}

My feet were wet, and dyed crimson by my shoes by the time I got home!

And what better way to start a day!

Shell xx

Monday, March 8, 2010

and the Kreativ Blogger award goes to...

{along with six other blogger sweeties}

So, wee, wah ha! And a ho hum hum!

Thank you, thank you Kerri, and for your own "Songs of Light" which are always the Kreativ music I need to hear in my own soul's ears... You truly are a part of by blogging little heart!

I think now, my new title and honour means I am to do two things, or in fact, fourteen things...

I'm to tell you seven interesting facts about myself which I may not have ever blogged before.

And I'm to pass on the love, and the award, to seven other bloomin' marvellous bloggy bloggers for them to do the same.

Beatboxing remains optional.

So, golly. Where to begin?

Fairly Interesting Fact #1 -

I am, to the shock of those who don't know me terribly well, really very, very shy. When I was a child I would not take music lessons, even though I knew I wanted to play the piano, because I was terrified of teachers, people in general and especially private tuition! So I taught myself to play, alone in my bedroom. I can't read music at all, and remain to this day, untrained.

Moderately Interesting Fact #2 -

Pinging off the shy fact - I am still really, really shy. And at the age of 31, I feel things are unlikely to change. I am scared of going out with groups of people, and they never believe me when I say that I'm shy because I am also, a stage performer! For me the very maneuver of taking verbal or entertaining control of a social situation is so that I can politely keep my fears hidden from the world. But now I have been outed. Oh no! ...tricky blogger questionnaire!

Sort of Interesting Fact #3 -

(Gosh, I'm only up to #3 and I feel certain I'm boring you with my uninteresting-ness!)
I am not very tall, about average I think - I stand a slightly stodgy 5 foot 4 inches.

Fair-to-middling degree of Interesting Fact #4 -

I don't drink, as in any alcohol at all. Hate the taste, and what it does to people when they consume too much of the stuff.

Probably only Interesting to me Fact #5 -

I am addicted, to eyeliner.

Try to stay awake for Interesting Fact #6 -

I am, really, a very neat person. Everything must line up within my controlled chaos of a world!

So glad you hung on through 'til the end Interesting Fact #7 -

I am someone who, in the past has struggled with the addiction of over-eating. I love food, but have been known to love it a little too much in my younger years. I once gained over 40 kilos (which is over 88 Pounds for non-Australian readers) so I had to set about loosing it all. And did.

Once again I was too shy to go to a gym so I walked by myself up my beautiful Mt Painter and freed myself of the bulge in a few short - yet long - agonizing years...

Everyday is a conscious decision for me to eat well, and enjoy, but not too much!

So that is 7 little facts about my unusual self!

And my blogging bequeathers are:

Joyful Servant - you encourage me, and make me feel loved all the way from Canada nearly everyday! I love your heart, your blog and wish to award you accordingly!

Martine @ Happy Sparrow - I would love, to pass on the love to you! Your blog always reminds me of what is right and true and good. For that I thank, and reward you.

Beautiful, spiritual, poetic Tea @ Homemaker's Heart - You recently mentioned my blog, on yours, which came at a moment I needed some encouragement. And also, thank you for beautiful blog, of love and patience, and for always speaking your Godly heart.

Abigail @ Grace. Hope. Love. - for your abundance of all of those three gifts, I reward you. I love your adventures. You are a blessing to me from afar! : )

Nancy*McKay - (I love your little star in between your name!) I adore your tea, and the whole LOT of your photography! Please accept this reward for your everyday celebration of the finer, more beautiful things in life.

Mrs Sims @ Thoughts and Biro Sketches - it goes without saying that I love you! It was your very blog which inspired me to begin my own, almost two years ago now... To have witnessed your life through poems and pictures and biro sketches has been - and continues to be nothing short of wonderful!

{and lastly, most certainly not leastly}

Allison from In a Nutshell - I'm sure you've received many of these rewards in your blogging time, and have deserved them all. I admire your aprons, your creativity, your motherhood and your faith - thank you for a blog like yours - and a friend like you!

Shell xx

Friday, March 5, 2010


Life is art.

I love the way it can show up in the most unannounced places. A parade of perfect circles formed by drops of rain, alongside and inside one another by the road on my way home...

Today's realisation: It's not so much that we create art, as art shows up in our lives anywhere, and everywhere.

I like to think I'm on the watch, and taking cues...

Shell xx

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Autumn Falls...

...All of a sudden,
And you're here! Bringing your cooling mornings,
Causing me to make porridge and gaze out the window at your beauty.

If I were a season, I would be you.
For somedays I feel a little, {or a lot} orangey, even sepia in tone;

Sometimes I feel as if I've been holding it together so well all summer-
That now I need a little time to shed my leaves,
cool my mornings and my nights,
get ready for the cold.

Wrap myself in golden,
turn a year older
and God willing, a year wiser as well!

Shell xx

Wishing you a happy, hearty new Autumn/Spring/Season/thing!