Friday, March 26, 2010

Raging, focussed, brighter better...

Hello sweeties!

Just writing to say
that my love has come home again
from recent work trip
and the world now is completely
That rays of light
are a brighter bright
against my face,
and my mind-
is the more creative
and smiley for it.



I have been completely smitten with a certain YouTube Channel... {I do that.}

It was insisted, several months ago that I purchase a copy of Imogen Heap's new album Ellipse - by one of my favourite little she bloggers... So anyway, I did - and I have loved and lapped it up from one song to the next.

But her YouTube vBlog of the making of the album - EEEEKKK! Never was I more excited and inspired to follow something!

I must tell you, it's what I needed. I am officially spurred on to finish my demos, and get new songs to recording ready. To make this little beauty of an album {which at the moment exists solely in my own head!} and stop worrying about the things I can't do - and just quieten down my raging spirit, & focus on the making of art! Today! The making of my new album.

And yeah, you're gonna stick around for the journey aren't you?

Video Blog coming soon...

Shell {songsmith} xx


  1. So many exciting things in your neck of the woods today! Have a beautiful weekend; enjoy the autumn air and the company of your dear friend and his heart... I shall be thinking of you and your colourful journey (which I wouldn't miss for the world!)

  2. You are just too lovely, Miss!!

    Imogen so very good!


  3. Definitely sticking around for the journey! Life is always better when the husband is home, isn't it! I haven't heard much of Imogen Heap, but what I have heard, I have liked. I hope your music making goes very well! :)

  4. so glad to hear your friend is back. i can see the brightness of light on your face. of course i'm gonna stick around for your writing, recording and releasing journey. can't wait ;-)


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