Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Now, don't assume that because I haven't been posting a whole lot in this space of late, that I haven't been doing lots of amazing things, enjoying lots of amazing artists, making lots of amazing food, and seeing lots of an amazing technicolor dream coat that I think we all know of...

I have been gigging - packing up my little travel pack of singing/music making accessories...

{Self confessed addict if accessories!}

I have been pancakes on a Saturday morning - slow breakfasts after fast gigs the nights before - with strong tea, and berries soaked in lemon juice, and a little pure maple... The occasion? Ah, a love of life!

I have been excelling at providing banana cake afternoon teas, for my hard working, awe inspiring women folk, while they work in the garden making our home look amazing. I am like the Omi inside baking up treats for the workers!

...I ventured outside a little myself. Gazing at amazing, tall trees.

And packing picnics with my niece and nephews amongst the glory of amazing Autumn afternoons...

I even let Tara run off with my camera at one point! And when I downloaded the two hundred pictures she had taken, this one struck me as nothing short of amazing - only that I, and select other kindreds in my circle, possess the desire to photograph the ground on which we're standing...

Amen to an amazing week of handmade pleasures.

Shell xx


  1. Lovely loveliness..Oh my!
    LOoks like you've been truly enjoying life..blessed with jOy!! :):) Yay!

    Your picnic photograph.. I want to jump in!!

    Love n'hugs!

  2. Beautiful Shell! I especially love the picnic photo of you and your children. Such an idyllic and relaxing looking scene ;-) I'm glad you are busy enjoying life. Isn't it a wonderful life ??!! Big hugs xx


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