Monday, September 27, 2010

Looking out at the Spring...

From inside my little house there are so many views of this newly sprouting spring, available from every window out of which I look...

From the lounge I can see that spectacular crabapple tree which sits quite regally against the front fence, lays dormant all winter, then all of a sudden with the coming of a little warmth there it is!  The pinkest, brightest blossoms which stop passers by in their tracks only to see such beauty before them!

If I move the blinds and lean out a little, I can can see more amazing, vibrant, perfect pink from this year's Camellias - planted by my Father in law's dear mother in the 1930's - this camellia tree signifies so much that is wonderful about the history of the place in which I live...

From Emma's bedroom window, if I should happen to be passing by, I can see that the mulberry tree is blossoming, it's yet another family vintage tree from an orchid planted by a Mrs Tully long before me...
I can see tiny green mulberries, and I can plan the making of jams and cakes for the summer!  I think she would like that.

From the toy room, through my favouite sweetheart shaped curtains the sunlight filters in through the very same mulberry tree shaped light.  I love this room, and sometimes, I play in it too...

From my own room I have some relevantly placed spider webs - through which I can see bamboo and green green grass - which is so rare since this drought began ten years ago - we are all loving the life that a little rain does bring.

And most famously to this blog, I suppose, is my sunroom window - because it is where I work - and they are so often the windows which inspire me most.
Leafy bushes, sunlight through curtains from afternoon sun.
To my left there are children playing on the swings, purple daisies, and further down the view I can see blue mountains that go on forever...

If nothing else, a day of seeing out of these windows is enough to remind me, of what happiness be.

Shell xx

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Beginning of Specialness...

I can hardly believe that this is the third year I have blogged about my wanderings, and the wonders of Floriade!

Our city's central, Commonwealth park, is transformed with the coming of the spring each year, into an incredibly beautiful flower festival (mostly spring bulbs) which runs for a month from the middle of September in Canberra, Australia.

I think that every year, I love it more, and want to share it more, with you. 
 I agonise so about getting the right shots to do it's beauty justice!

There are winding pathways, with quiet benches and lawns for sitting, praying and pondering quietly.  Down the way there is a ferris wheel and a tea cup ride, children bouncing on an inflatable castle to the soundtrack of one of those noisy carnival organ things (essential to create the right festival atmosphere)!  

Tara and I found blue flowers this year, for Emily...

We found a nook, and picnicked in the sun.

And, not that I mean to brag - but I made the most AMAZING tuna, avocado, tomato, cheddar cheese, red onion with a lime mayonnaise dressing, in the history of picnic-kind..!

Then pondered and prayed a little myself, and absorbed some highly anticipated sunshine - post winter sunshine warms and charms like no other...

Had a brief, but beautiful time with my best friend in between trips away...

And so enjoyed seeing this years art installations in the trees!

A rather unusual, picture of all four of my children with assorted sun hats!

We made an afternoon of it, and truly it was special to be welcoming the spring once more!  It has felt like a long and cold winter.  But the spring brings in the change for me, more light, more hope...  

So this day, for me was to mark the beginning of all these good things, all the specialness of the Aussie summer, the heat, the outdoor dining, long walks in the daylight saving, and this year, a new baby for my arms to hold.

I think it will be the most special summer of all.

Shell xx

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Promise.

Dear friend,

I promise, never to forget the beauty in this life, which shows itself when I miss you most, and especially then, when you return.  

The crinkled edges of a lilly in bloom, the smell of her perfume filling the home...

Never will I stop my marvelling at the little "press-stud" seeds on, and the brilliant red of a strawberry.  The sweetness they provide (especially when eaten with breakfast).  They are a medicine for loneliness.

Not ever will I cease to be amazed by the ever growing person inside me, whom I know, and love, and cannot wait for us to meet.

This is the theme song of my days while you're gone.  I will make my work into art.  Whatever I do will be done with joy to the Lord, I will make a study of overcoming fear and weakness.

I will enjoy the long days, the sore feet, the cold nights, the company of our children.  And always hold a place for you, in my heart.


Shell xx

Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Dear Spring,

You're blooming marvellous!
Shell xx