Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Friend,

I am so glad you came to stay. To hug your bones, and look in your eyes, and know you more, was a precious thing.

To have you play with my babes was delightful! To sit up with you all night talking, confiding, expressing, about how we'll change the world and feeling the Spirit of hope in the room was amazing...

To sit with you under the sunshine sipping tea was special, and long overdue. I can feel you have blossomed with the spring...

And those blooms! They spoke of everything as friends we love, and why we love. Their colour, delicacy, vulnerability, beauty and spirit was... [pause]

{I'm crying again!}

In short; it was so good to hug your bones, and look in your eyes, and know you more.

Dear Friend.

Love, Shell xx


  1. Oh Shell, thank you; for your words, your love and constantly inspiring soul. To spend time with you is to remember what life is about. Bless you dear friend, your babes and Hillview. (Now I'm crying too) Love always x

  2. ...ain't nothin better than...love...

  3. Aww, how very sweet and lovely. Friendship is a precious thing and you two are precious ladies Hugs xx<3

  4. I'm envious in the best sort of way.

    I think I really need to book an Australian holiday, post haste!


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