Monday, July 1, 2013

Half Year Resolutions...

What the last 6 months has taught me, the next 6 months will inspire me to...

Spend the rest of this year, more mindful slowing down to enjoy the present - not always planning ahead;
But remembering also, to plan ahead! Set goals for myself, because I work better when I'm working towards something...
 To hold my babies tight, and make one-on-one time, with each of the five of them, so they all know how especially special they are : )
Go for Winter walks with my bestie;
Get back to playing my piano, and preparing to record that solo album;
Finish this weight loss thing, and move into maintenance mode once and for all;
Eat clean, and organic and fresh - for body, mind and soul;

And then indulge once in a while!
To stop eating my feelings - and start blogging of them, again.

{Oh, and now I've spoilt the ending}...

Get back to my blogging, I have missed this place, and those who I read, and who drop by for a gander at the aspects of this, my poetic life.

It feels so good to be back! 

Talk soon,

Shell xx