Wednesday, May 30, 2012

See no grey...

As I pull open the cotton curtains in the sunroom on a foggy end-of-Autumn early morning, my friend remarks to me, 'gosh it's awfully grey out there!'
I look, but I see no grey.

I put on my shoes and twist in my headphones, open the door up and I go out to run.

I see golden leaves almost completely fallen before the impending winter, houses in the suburbs quiet and still, fellow joggers focused but friendly as they pass me on the track.  I see the pounds falling away from my body, as the weeks go by...

There is no grey.  I am alight with every colour.

Shell xx

Sunday, May 13, 2012

To all the Mother hearts...

Today is Mother's Day here in Australia, and I must say I have had a superb day!

I ran 6 kilometres in the early, still cool Autumn morning -
Had pancakes with blueberries + freshly picked raspberries, lemon and maple -
I lunched with my loves along with a multitude of other mothers whom I admire and adore -
And in the afternoon we did a little dancing + photo shoot with the five little people whom I have the honour and the privilege of being mother to...

Blessings to all the mother hearts, everywhere.

Shell xx