Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the last day...

Of Winter.
We picnicked under sporadic bursts of sunlight.
We said goodbye to one season.
And toasted the beginning of another.

{Which shall be made of many more picnics}!

Which season are you farewelling?

Shell xx

Monday, August 30, 2010

Poetic Silhouette...

Through my sunroom window, a slightly springy looking sunshine sings in through the curtains, making a poetic silhouette out of my little weed tree which sprung itself there a few years ago, and never did I have the heart to remove.

For it has been many times, the creature I look up at from the computer and make my muse while writing to you.  I find, so much can be explained and expressed through the seasonal changes of a tree.

It has been a long winter from where I sit.  A season which has been filled with much shivering, much joy, many important deliberations and decisions in front of the log fire and over renovating my holiday apartment in the city so I can start my new job as a very small time hotelier...

One of the big decisions I feel I have had to make is about the new album which I am writing, and should be recording, but haven't been for some months now...  The winter, and the weight of children and pregnancy and bills and work and my general cloudy head-ed-ness (!) have sadly stunted my creative flair for the last few months.  I feel so guilty telling you, but less guilty now that I have.

But I feel very sure, that I will soon be back in bloom.

That dormant branches are nearly ready to give new life, and new leaf, to new days where the sun shines a little longer through my windows each day, and there born are new creative endeavours.

I am so passionate about making these new songs take flight.  And so ready to honour them as such when all of my creativity and passion is primed to do them justice.  So near is the end of my winter, so close the dawn of new life.


Shell xx

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What I'm looking for...

Today I can see the beauty before me.  I can look at everything through the sunniest light.  I can feel the spring, I can love this winter, I can wait for summer, I can see, and feel, and taste and give thanks, for this life.

I have found what I'm looking for.

Shell xx

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Small Someone...

Inside my belly,
ever on my mind
making me wonder
who will you be?
{or} who are you already,
Made and formed
and known intimately
by your Lord.

Shelly xx

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Me mostly, this week...

{I cannot be bothering with the photo app right now, which frequently doesn't work on Blogger at the moment}...

So here is my last few days in words only.
I think I've been relying too much on photos lately, instead of telling you what really, is on my heart.

Tara.  My tiny daughter, princess, chicken-monkey, pirate, ballerina, possum, angel turned four on Sunday.  We had gigged the night before, so it was trying to exhume my head from the pillow in the early hours of Sunday morn, but it was wonderful to giver her gifts and cuddle her for extra long moments, to make her pancakes, put her in her special favourite dress, take her out to lunch, bring her home and bake a cake which was shared at supper time with all of the family after reading the bible together, and before playing music and dancing long into the dark cold night.

Monday I was back to work(ing for myself) - work for me is early mornings, work from home - taking care of four babes, making sure the children let the chickens out of the pen feed and tend to the pony, while I do endless loads of washing and always manage to be falling behind in an organised chaos framed with love and laughter.

Over to my little apartment in the city at morning tea time, which is about thirty years old and in need of loving by way of new plantings in the garden, and a fresh paint job in the bedrooms and lounge.  I paint with my sisters-in-law (who volunteer to help me because they're sweet) and we put on the iPod and intricately discuss the music that's playing while we swing our brushes and rollers.  Much giggling, followed by meaningful discussions go on...  And we break at lunch for some of my homemade pumpkin soup which is consumed outside in the warmth of midday winter sun.

Wednesday is special.  Campbell, my second child turned ten.  10.  Ten years old!  And we spent the day celebrating him.  Tea at our favourite tea house in town, home to bake cakes(s), prepare a huge dinner of his favourite things, then all of our extended family over for supper to sing and cut the cake, drink more tea and look at photos of him when he was a wee one.  We marvel over his green green eyes, his gifts, his ways and how much we love him until late into the night.  And much later, when everyone is asleep, I have a little cry to myself that in a sense - much of his childhood is over - and that one day he will be grown - I'm not sure I am even old enough for thoughts like that as yet.

So it has been a special week in so many ways, and in so many ways it has been an awfully typical week - trying to make our days and our nights always that little bit special!

This is me mostly, this week without pictures but with all of my heart and with what energy there is left after such busy days and nights to express it.  I hope your weekend is blessed, is special and is coming up in a blog post by you, real soon.

In love,

Shell xx