Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Billie, eat-cha-heart-out...

It's time to parade another of my etsy purchases on this here blogette!  I have been in the habit lately -sometimes late into the night - of goggling in order to research various musically vintage & swingy things on the the interwebs - and so a couple of weeks ago I went for a virtual stroll through the world wide etsy mall, and on a whim searched Billie Holiday and out jumped these beauties from the computer and into my mailbox!

I am feeling quite smitten with them - and very nearly as cool as Billie {Please note: prior claim is a lie}!  But in any event, they are a fab find and a welcome addition to my growing collection and love of all things 40's!

: )

Shell xx

Friday, October 21, 2011

God Save the Queen...

A stunning Canberra morning, 

a babe in arms, 

a gathered crowd of eager monarchists...

and the Queen!
 {not to mention a terribly dashing Prince Philip!}  
Made this a very special morning indeed.

It struck me as I drove home after a long wait, and a very pleasant short wave, that this must be the first time in Australian history at least that the most important people in the country today were all women.  Our Chief Minister, Prime Minister, Governor-General & Queen.  And regardless of political persuasions or what have you - I thought that was kinda cool, in itself.

God save the Queen.

Shell xx

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Accidentally in love - an adventure in Social Dancing...

I've never before been a dance student.  Never learned to put my feet, to the beat - as it were.  Yet I am feeling increasingly more at home on the dance floor - finding myself falling in love with a new/old and different era of music and culture, which is inevitably attached to this dance.

I have (accidentally) found another way to express my love of music, by giving my whole body - instead of just my fingers or my voice to the song.  And I say accidentally, because this wasn't how I expected to feel - and like a newbie in love I find myself thinking about it constantly!  Rock-stepping in the kitchen, or doing my Charleston down the hall (or in the shopping mall)!  Planning outfits to wear, and perhaps the most telling sign of a newfound love is feeling an awakening of somewhere inside yourself which until now, you hadn't known.

This may be just a dramatic way to tell you how much I am enjoying Swing Dancing - but truly, I have been through a formative saga of fear, and triumph and discovery, of excitement, and drama, and trauma, and courage, and delight!  

I think also, this culture may be bringing me closer than I've ever been before to finding where my voice really needs to really sing - in those diva-ish lower octaves, to those fabulous horns, skins and strings...  With a flower in my hair and Billie Holiday as my style and song guru.  Perhaps this is home? - for certain it is love...

Shell xx

Sunday, October 2, 2011

If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake!

I've recently been tapping my toes and skipping my feet to the sound of such swinging beats..!

I have nearly completed a 6 week beginners class in Swing dancing!  And in my own time - in the still of the night - I have been tuning my voice to a vintage tone - and I am nearly ready to bring it to light...

Hach-a-doo a-hach-a-doo a-hach-a-doo!
Shell xx