Monday, November 1, 2010

The cat in the hat, comes back..!

Dear Friends,

The storm has (I am forever metaphorical) finally begun to ease.

I am venturing out of doors again to look at the light, repair the damages, and make a new season filled with high hopes, adventures and all of Spring's delights.  With big lessons learned, I feel new, and ready to be with you again.

All, and everyone is well - but such stresses did take away my creative breath for a little while there - please know, if you wondered, that I am returned.  New and blooming.

So to celebrate this new season, my fabulous clan and I dressed up (as fictionally themed characters) and gathered last night for a bit of silliness, good food, and ample fun and dancing for All Hallows Eve...

And in short, 
the cat in the hat, comes back!

Shell xx


  1. I am so glad beautiful friend, I have missed you.

  2. Oooh you look *fabulous* !!!

    And it will be good to have you back ♥

  3. I've missed you too :> You look lovely.


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