Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Little Christmas...

Need I say more..?

Shell xx

Post Script: I pray your Christmas was very Merry also! xx


  1. Oh Shell, what a wonderful life you lead! Indeed! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas, but how could you not in that dear, joyful family of yours!

    Sorry to hear of your recent sickness and praying for a speedy recovery for all - I think this year 2013 will be the best yet, and lets not even start on the fact that this year we hope to visit you as a family of three!!

    Love xx

  2. It was a lovely year in a lovely life. I pray that 2013 is just as wonderful, if not more so. God bless you dear heart. xx

  3. Hi Shell, I pop by every now and again hoping to find an update. Don't you blog anymore? :-( Hope all is well x


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