Thursday, November 1, 2012

Enter November...

I woke up this morning and realised that somewhere, amongst the washing piles, the care taking, the care giving, the daydreaming and a million other miscellaneous tasks - it had somehow become November, without my permission.

So in my dismay, I thought how better to calm my raging spirit than to reflect on the past couple of months (which I suspect have been lagging longer than that!) by exhibiting some of the photographs which I've managed to frame within my increasingly wonderful, stressful, hope filled, very real, sometimes frightening and alway poetic, life...

From top to bottom:
- Spring time Floriade + Sean within an origami forrest,
- A trio of a day's eats,
- The first salad leaves from my kitchen garden,
- A crafty progress before & after shot made by my sister in law in the same place one year on,
- Celebrating 9 months of running
- Resting and sunning my feet in the Spring sunshine
- Our wonderful Halloween Jacker-lantern
-My boys on the day bed, being beautiful.

Shell xx


  1. What a wonderful, poetic life indeed! You beautiful, courageous woman, here's to another life-changing (for the better) season xx

  2. Happy November. I love your photos and I love your new look. If that is a shot of your legs in the trainers, please don't try to lose more weight. If those are your daughter's legs, whew! That is okay as she is still growing. I know you're a very busy momma and wife and so I enjoy hearing from you whenever you are able. I don't hear about your singing anymore. I hope you are still singing and making beautiful music ;-)

  3. Yes indeed Windhover! Thank you and bless you a thousand times over!

    Joyful, thank you for your comment! Those are indeed my legs, and you're so sweet to say such nice things! My aim is to reach about 135lbs which isn't unhealthy for me as I'm only 5 feet 4 inches tall. I am 150lbs right now and feeling more terrific than ever!

    And, I have an upcoming post about my latest and possibly greatest singing adventures coming soon...

    Love to all!


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