Sunday, February 28, 2010

a Happy Birthday to my Love...

By best friend Jamie, turns 33 today.

We met when he was 18, and I was only 17.

We've had the privilege of growing up together, and remain best friends to this minute. So upon his earthly birthday I decided I would write him a dedication/celebration song.

Handmade music, right here...

I hope it conveys to you, my love and my message.

Shell xx

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nothing Short of Wonderful!

This time, a week ago, I was a wide eyed visitor in the beautiful city of Sydney, in order to attend the wedding of our favourite wide eyed princess of blogger world, miss Emily, to her rather lovely beau, Alex.

It was, so nice to look up at the ceilings of a church that I have heard, and read so much about from my friend. It was, apt, that the art was predominantly blue...

It was, so special to see all my loves lined up in the pews awaiting the bride.

And to hold the booklet which I knew had been so lovingly, and thoughtfully put together by these two young people, so very much in love...

I can't show you too much of what went on; for that we must await the bride's official presentation! But I will say that it was, nothing short of wonderful!

The spirit of genuineness and love was felt by all. It was really a very Christian wedding (which fed my soul), and the liveliness of such enlightened hearts was echoed though all of the personal touches, and articulately given, heartfelt speeches...

I was also approached by a great many of you preciously, and previously unveiled bloggers - who knew my face/blog - and told me they liked them, both! It was really a spot of unexpected specialness to meet those like minded souls.

And every time I looked at herself, she hugged me.
A very happy hug indeed.
My emotions too, were swept away with the colourful, sub-tropical, summery air...

{And I did think to myself: that this day, she looked less like a girl, and more like a woman}

Jamie and I chirped and chatted all the way home of the very wonderful time we and the children had had. In the morning I had tea, and a favour.

Again, it felt special, to have been a little part of it. To have tasted a little piece of it. And to have given a little portion of ourselves - to be there on this day in support, and to say with our presence, our presents, our charging of glasses, and our smiles, that we wish you well, in everything always, and acknowledge that what God has joined together, no one can ever undermine.


Shell xx

Sunday, February 21, 2010

a Short Study of Feet and Keys...

I needed a new banner for my royal bloginess!

These were all contenders...

In the end I went with, what now is, my new banner!

Would love to know what you think?

Be still, and well this blessed weekend dear friends.

Shell xx

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Before I was a button...

...I was a video star!

This film clip was made in 2006 on our farm in Canberra. Features my incredibly talented and good looking band mates, brothers Jamie and Cameron.

There were actually two versions of the video made; this one was for our overseas audience, what with the great Aussie outback background and the flag making their quite deliberate appearances.

Another one ended up being filmed about a year later, because the record label who was trying to sign us at the time was worried this first clip looked like we might be a country band - and we couldn't have that misunderstanding now could we?!

Note: I was seven months pregnant with my forth baby when this was filmed! Yikes!

Do tell me how you feel, and what you think? I am so enjoying showing off these pieces of my career to you - and don't forget to push my button now will you...

The Tullys - Twelve Short Stories

; )

Shell {Button-Smith} xx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The time of my life...

If you're a singer/songwriter; self taught, young, raw and unknown; and a world renowned producer picks up your demo and likes it, so much that he wants to take you to Sydney and record your first album(!) - it is likely to be a really big thing in your life...

I still can hardly believe this is my own story. And that I got to make an album, my album. We called it "Twelve Short Stories" with each song telling a tale of life, love or woe - most of the stories are about growing up, which I was in the very midst of at the time...

So without further ado I'm really proud say I have my own iTunes button!

The Tullys - Twelve Short Stories

And you can "click" it if you want : )
and check me out on the world's largest online music store!

I will leave you with one of our pre-production videos... So here's the scene:

The Tullys band rehearsing in the shearing shed on the family farm in Canberra Australia, before heading to the studio in Sydney the next week on a hot summer afternoon, producer Richard Lush in attendance, and Ben Hakalitz on drums!

I hope it's clear how much fun we had - it really was the creative and professional, time of my life. I am so looking forward to doing it all again soon, but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy this album.

Shell xx

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ode to tomato...

It seems not such a long time since we plotted out, and planted our vegetable garden in the spring. When I had only a bed full of soil and seedlings;

Now I am eating almost all of the garden!

And delivering baskets full of produce to my fellow tribesman;

Making lunch, and often dinner of it!

The truth is, tomato, I am in love with your form. Your perfect sweet-ish savoury-ness, your unbelievable colour, your versatility in the kitchen, (not to mention when I'm the garden with your vines and you don't even make it to the kitchen!)

The way you help me celebrate the summer every year, your photogenic quality - with such willingness to pose for me at any given moment!

Yes, I ode this post to you-


Shell xx

Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the tiniest of ways...

We are still enjoying the rain here,
with it's leaky windows and perfect puddle jumping weather!


The rare occasion of being stuck indoors has led me to much piano playing,
and deep thinking at the computer,
which this morning led me to a most wonderful insight from the Lord.

And I wrote it a song.

Then realised I was writing with a blue pen that belongs to a most special friend, who must have left it behind last visit - and with it some of her smiles - for it has been a great companion to me at the piano, and aided me with my own inspiration.

Please know dear friend;

that little blue pen is in excellent health and her ink is still the perfect shade of blue-ness!
Her new owner is treating her very well, and she will see you next week!

Shell xx

Saturday, February 13, 2010

So many things...

Oh. Rainy day.

If you don't live in Australia, then you probably have lots of these kind of days.
But in Canberra, rain is a rare and beautiful privilege.
I have scarcely been able to pull myself away form the window,
The sheer sound of water, set in overnight,
and stayed all day - it's 5:18 in the afternoon, and still raining!

It means so many things in the height of the February summer;
It means fire fighters, and bushfire emergency lookout crews can go home,
and put up their feet!
It means the trees will get enough to keep them going a little longer.
I means all the wooden window frames in my 1930's cottage/home are leaking, and I don't mind a jot!

I am listening to The Whitlams and considering a rain song, of my very own.

How be your rainy (or not so rainy) day?

Shell xx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The oak and the acorn...

"...Even the name of the Savior uttered in her singing tone and with the expression she gave it, came nearer to them than when she spoke it..."

"How many things there are in the world in which the wisest of us can hardly perceive the hand of God! Who not knowing could ready the lily in it's bulb, the great oak in the pebble-like acorn? God's beginnings do not look like his endings, but they are; the oak is the acorn, though we cannot see it."

-excerpt from The "Geltlewoman's Choice"

by the wonderful George MacDonald

Shell xx

Monday, February 8, 2010

Paint on the paper...

...and most deliciously on my palette too it seems!

Though, this world is new to me. I have not painted since I was in my final year of school. Since nearly as soon after as then it has been in my mind... Then for a time I forgot! I walked among motherhood, weight gain, weight loss, daydreaming - then found my singer's voice, and my pianist's hand.

Before I could blink my 20's had nearly passed by me - but all the while if I were to pass by a thickly embellished abstract oil on paper or canvas I would look intently, and slow my steps, and fix my eyes upon it, and remember my one-time love, of the form.

To paint as my silly head sees things.
To place colour where I will it.
To come back to the place of my later teens...
and to not let my 31st year pass me by, without a new painting finished and posted here.

Shell xx

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love you, and leave you...

[a cousin's birthday balloon party on the trampoline on a summer's eve - does it get any better?!]

Tis the summer that really makes me love and feel Australian. And though I don't give a hoot of credibility to the unfounded theory of climate change; this summer has been a hot one...

So it's a shame to see it starting to wind down for another year. I noticed today that the sun is setting just a little earlier, and with it my thoughts are turning to ideas of autumn activities and clothes and colours.

My creative moods are very much inspired by the seasons, and I love the different aspects and inclinations of each one - songs I write in the inferno of an Aussie summer are very different to the ones I will write in the throws of a marino woolen, scarf-clad wintery day. I think about friends I have made who live the other side of our equator who are deep in wintery snow and cold right now, and I think how wonderful it would be if I could take the concord up and across to see them and experience the chill, just for a change, just for a day, or two!

Okay, so this post is lacking a point, and an air of excitement I know! My friend has flown away today to a foreign place to work for two weeks, and I miss him very much already. But a little longing and despair will work wonders in the songwriting realm for me I dare say!

So without much of a point, or an anthemic chorus to end, I will love you and leave you, with an excerpt from one of my favourite and most enjoyable times in my very fortunate professional life... Recording, and all the fun and fury that goes along with it.

...and yes, the man lying on the floor playing the bass guitar is my husband! My friend.

Shell xx

Friday, February 5, 2010

Berry Good.

{I wonder, that it's strange I keep showing you all my crockery!?*}

My favourite little chipped green plate.
My {only for delicious hot beverages} Japanese lemon mug.

And today a berry wonderful afternoon tea to fuel the pre-gig munchy singer all the way to diva distinction!

Have a blessed weekend friends, and may your plates and cups overflow with fresh goodies to eat and drink!

Shell xx

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

From heart to song...

I took you.

From lounge room to studio.

And soon to you.

Shell xx

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Verge of Something...

Please forgive my long lasting silence.

I have spent this morning considering a post - but ended up reviewing various, previous posts from this here, little blog. Do you ever read your own words back to yourself? I hardly ever. But today I am finding it soothing, and (dare I be so bold as to claim,) inspiring.

I have wandered across to the time of pleasure and plenty, remembered the fresh farm eggs of Autumn, and the copious pumpkins last Winter! I meandered through the fields I sometimes go... remembered some painful admissions, and reviewed my new years poems and pledges.

I am on the verge of something...
And will share it, when I know what on earth it is!

I have been in touch with some long lost souls in my life.
Heard of the illness of a far away friend.
And had a hand held out to me from the past.
In short, it's been an amazing week.

I'm sorry I bring you no photos today.
I suppose I am instead reflecting, or my camera battery is flat!
And my tea, gone cold.

My mind gone blank.
Perhaps while I wait,
for the Something, I feel arriving.

Shell xx