Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ode to tomato...

It seems not such a long time since we plotted out, and planted our vegetable garden in the spring. When I had only a bed full of soil and seedlings;

Now I am eating almost all of the garden!

And delivering baskets full of produce to my fellow tribesman;

Making lunch, and often dinner of it!

The truth is, tomato, I am in love with your form. Your perfect sweet-ish savoury-ness, your unbelievable colour, your versatility in the kitchen, (not to mention when I'm the garden with your vines and you don't even make it to the kitchen!)

The way you help me celebrate the summer every year, your photogenic quality - with such willingness to pose for me at any given moment!

Yes, I ode this post to you-


Shell xx


  1. hehe My husband and I were reminiscing last night about this really fancy restaurant that we went to years ago. It was a date, you see, and the only thing we remembered was how wonderful their tomatoes were! Nothing beats a good tomato.


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