Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the tiniest of ways...

We are still enjoying the rain here,
with it's leaky windows and perfect puddle jumping weather!


The rare occasion of being stuck indoors has led me to much piano playing,
and deep thinking at the computer,
which this morning led me to a most wonderful insight from the Lord.

And I wrote it a song.

Then realised I was writing with a blue pen that belongs to a most special friend, who must have left it behind last visit - and with it some of her smiles - for it has been a great companion to me at the piano, and aided me with my own inspiration.

Please know dear friend;

that little blue pen is in excellent health and her ink is still the perfect shade of blue-ness!
Her new owner is treating her very well, and she will see you next week!

Shell xx


  1. I love rainy days too and I'm sure your song will be glorious! I'm so jealous that you're going to Emily's wedding!

  2. A kind of unintentional calling card I leave those blue pens everywhere! How heart-warming to know you are getting so much good use out of it! But I'm filled with much much more joy to know the next day I see you I'll be marrying my beautiful friend! Is it really FIVE days away?! (and I will look forward to a warm hug from you)

  3. So glad you are being inspired to wonderful creations. I look forward to hearing more :-) Enjoy your visit with your special friend.


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