Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We are...

...Out in the sun,
breathing in the spring!
Rejoicing that the rains have finally fallen,
And our garden therefore, has grown.
We are eating our spinach,
broad beans,
snow peas,

Finding recipes to honour these amazing berries
Ripening with unbelievable abundance!

But they ain't the only things a-ripening!

I am so gleefully anticipating this new babe.
I know he/she is so special,
so epic,
and so -
nearly here.

Shell xx

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Business of Making Memories...

I've learned that when you're a parent, you're automatically in the business of making memories for your small people.  My Sean has always been enamored with trains, and as such, last Sunday we booked tickets to take our set of small people for a day trip aboard a 1930's diesel engine from Canberra, ACT to Bungendore, NSW.

We clattered slowly along, and the children marveled at every little thing inside the cabin, the wooden interior, the leather seats, and most importantly their ride up front with the engine driver!

Jamie and I sat together, held hands, chatted about this and that, enjoyed the views, and made some of our own memories...

We had lunch in the country town, ate French food, then hurried back for our return journey...

And when we returned to Canberra station, I had Sean stand next to the train and pose for the camera... because he looked so cute in his cotton shirt and navy shorts!

And because I sort of hoped he would have a memory of this day always, along with the picture on the wall in his house when he was an old man.

Shell xx

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh dusky light...

Oh, dusty light.
So much is how you renew me
remind me
that there has been so much beauty already this day.
And then
you go ahead and outdo yourself for the finale!
and even when I am weary
when the colours run
and I see a blur
I still see you
unfailing sun
and know you're there
to heave that last burst of perfect light
alive like fire
before restful night.

Shell xx

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Girl...

Suffice it to say, she had the most wonderful birthday in the history of the whole world.  


Shell xx

Monday, November 1, 2010

The cat in the hat, comes back..!

Dear Friends,

The storm has (I am forever metaphorical) finally begun to ease.

I am venturing out of doors again to look at the light, repair the damages, and make a new season filled with high hopes, adventures and all of Spring's delights.  With big lessons learned, I feel new, and ready to be with you again.

All, and everyone is well - but such stresses did take away my creative breath for a little while there - please know, if you wondered, that I am returned.  New and blooming.

So to celebrate this new season, my fabulous clan and I dressed up (as fictionally themed characters) and gathered last night for a bit of silliness, good food, and ample fun and dancing for All Hallows Eve...

And in short, 
the cat in the hat, comes back!

Shell xx