Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A change, be as good as a holiday...

I've been obsessing, in a good way, on a new opportunity for myself to get really busy, to work from home, to try and make a little money doing something I'm good at... cleaning, writing, and serving others...

Jamie and I have an investment apartment in the city, it's just a modest little place, but it's quaint and cosy and we have decided to rent it out as a holiday apartment!

So much of my time has been spent of late, setting up my page on the holiday stay website, and answering the absolute inundation of interest which followed only hours after the site went live!

I figure, there is money to be made in good, hard, honest work - and I always thrive when I'm incredibly busy (I think better, sleep better, am more creative and just generally feel better about the world and everything) which is good because incredibly busy is what I'm going to need to be in order to make the mortgage each month!

I feel really alive, I feel really well and can't wait to create the cutest little holiday apartment in all of the world!  Yeah!

This is a glimpse at how it looked 5 months ago when we decorated it for our tenant...

Can't wait to make it even more lovely this weekend for my first holiday makers!

Shell xx

Sunday, June 27, 2010

How well you make me happy...

Making curry to the sight and smell of lavender... 
(consider this my fist installment of indoor posies!)

A completely unashamed obsession with old, green glass...

Tall trees... 

And roosting hens...

You make my heart sing!

What simple pleasures make you glad to be alive?

Shell xx

Friday, June 18, 2010

I Follow the Seasons...

I've been out a-walking in the garden today; bracing against the wintery afternoon...  The days are shorter, and all of my pairs of gloves and marino wool pashminas are now rendering full time use.

In case you might have missed my latest video unveil, I recently have made the discovery that I'm going to be having a baby!  Which brings me so much joy and such wonderment at this new season - it's a corner I was never completely convinced I would turn... my fifth babe - I am truly blessed - and I am so glad to be here, sitting now so un-alone, at my MacBook Pro with my thoughts, and new considerations with my unborn, in the silence of a cold, whistly windy night.

I have been a little shy on the postings...  And shyer still in the commentary boxes of my certain favourite bloggy haunts.  I've been sick as a dog some days with morning sickness (which does NOT limit it's self strictly to the mornings I'll tell you!) and it has meant my trips to the piano and the studio have recently been scarce...

Which leads me to say, I feel I may be letting you down?
Perhaps I should just come to you as a photographer, or a poet? for it is taking so long for me to bring you this music, from this musician I have promised you!

But what is a plan?  Other than man/woman made folly for the Lord to chuckle at when we tell Him of ours...  Or as Lennon said 'life is what happens while we're busy making other plans...'

No, I shall not feel anxious, it doesn't help anyone - and can only quench the creative spirit.
I shall brace against the cold and dash out into these wintery days with my red gloves and marino wool pashmina!  I shall chase the jonquils, write the music, and follow the seasons!

And join you.  Once more, as ever I did.

Shell xx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Editing in the afternoon...

The way to edit music is definitely in the sunroom over a cup of tea.

With a cute guy...

And to admire the shadow paintings made in collaboration by the sun and the trees... 

Prayers for Kelly.

Love to all.

Shell xx

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wind in my hair...

There's been wind in my hair.
There's been a train in my head.
There's been fire and flood.
Have fallen down, and stood up.

Have found strength in my bones.
Have found fire in my toes.
There's been a change in the air.
There's been wind in my hair.

It's been the season of change.
It's been a heart and mind game.
It's been a veil unveiled.
It's been fragile and frail.

But found strength in my bones.
Had fire in my toes.
Have been to war on my own.
Have been far,
And come home.

...and though change in the air,
Feels too cold to bear,
I'll stand in the clear,
With wind in my hair...

Shell xx

Friday, June 4, 2010

*gasp* ...and Studio Video Blog #3

Hello sweet peas!

I have watched near to all of the Autumn leaves fall, 
and can see that a new {chilly} season is upon us here in Aus...

But I'm not about to let that stop me smiling!

Or posing!

Or blogging! 

(...and I am duly sorry dear friends, for my recent silence 'round here... 
a lot on my plate 
and big changes in my plans and hopes and dreams have occurred!
{which sometimes take a little time to all soak in...}  
but it is not in anyway, 
bad news..!

See below...

Shell xx