Sunday, June 27, 2010

How well you make me happy...

Making curry to the sight and smell of lavender... 
(consider this my fist installment of indoor posies!)

A completely unashamed obsession with old, green glass...

Tall trees... 

And roosting hens...

You make my heart sing!

What simple pleasures make you glad to be alive?

Shell xx


  1. Playing my favourite band on my radio programme, hearing the front door and knowing it is Zoe, eating wonderful curry Naomi just made, giving Brittany a kinder egg and seeing her delight, seeing the ice on the birdbath, feeding the magpies, looking forward to coffee with my dear friends who are my family, exploring the past (genealogy) and appreciating God's awesome plan for my life, knowing I am loved, hearing the rain on my tin roof, knowing I have a warm bed to climb into at the end of the day, going to enjoy one of Naomi's mini chocolate cakes with my tea in my beautiful mug with the berries on it right glad and thankful to be alive.

    love you Shell
    Linny xxx

  2. Darling sister!
    I have gotten this blog this figured out and ready to go!! You are now on the list & I can regularly read you now. :) Yay! I love your words, tunes, photographs, and fresh spirit you bring to my eyes!

    That rooster is amazing!

    You are beautiful.

    God Bless~ I pray the Lord is helping you LoVe Him hard everyday!

  3. Hi dear Shell, those are wonderful photos. I especially love the hen and tree as one of my simple joys of all time is nature :-) Besides family, I love anything outdoors that is growing and creatures of all kinds. I also good friends, good coffee and good conversation. I enjoy travelling and humanitarian involvement too. Last but not least, I enjoy reading blogs from lovely people like you. You warm my heart. Big hugs xx

  4. Why does your kitchen range look like fine art? Entirely unfair.

    Sunday makes my heart sing. Time to read books, sew pillowcases, cut and paste zines.

  5. I love the beautiful things you're loving. I love pretty mugs and blue skies, hearing my little boys voice all through the day, having my husband home for the weekend, things growing in our garden.. I could go on and on. God is such an amazing creator and he blesses us with so much.

    Love to you and thank you for sharing your heart. :)

  6. Lynn, I'm so grateful for your words (& I love you too).

    Abigail my sister - I love how you LOVE Him, truly inspiring!

    Joyful, thank you thank you - good coffee, and good conversation make my world! As well as tall trees!

    Lizzy, Sunday is my favourite day too. And fine art? You're too too kind!

    Tea, thank you also, for sharing your heart - it feeds my soul, always.


  7. I so love old, green glass too. There are dozens of quaint little antique shops on the High Street that sell them for peanuts, and I've so far controlled myself and not bought any. But I always stop and touch them. There's something magical about them, I can't quite figure out what it is!


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