Friday, June 18, 2010

I Follow the Seasons...

I've been out a-walking in the garden today; bracing against the wintery afternoon...  The days are shorter, and all of my pairs of gloves and marino wool pashminas are now rendering full time use.

In case you might have missed my latest video unveil, I recently have made the discovery that I'm going to be having a baby!  Which brings me so much joy and such wonderment at this new season - it's a corner I was never completely convinced I would turn... my fifth babe - I am truly blessed - and I am so glad to be here, sitting now so un-alone, at my MacBook Pro with my thoughts, and new considerations with my unborn, in the silence of a cold, whistly windy night.

I have been a little shy on the postings...  And shyer still in the commentary boxes of my certain favourite bloggy haunts.  I've been sick as a dog some days with morning sickness (which does NOT limit it's self strictly to the mornings I'll tell you!) and it has meant my trips to the piano and the studio have recently been scarce...

Which leads me to say, I feel I may be letting you down?
Perhaps I should just come to you as a photographer, or a poet? for it is taking so long for me to bring you this music, from this musician I have promised you!

But what is a plan?  Other than man/woman made folly for the Lord to chuckle at when we tell Him of ours...  Or as Lennon said 'life is what happens while we're busy making other plans...'

No, I shall not feel anxious, it doesn't help anyone - and can only quench the creative spirit.
I shall brace against the cold and dash out into these wintery days with my red gloves and marino wool pashmina!  I shall chase the jonquils, write the music, and follow the seasons!

And join you.  Once more, as ever I did.

Shell xx


  1. I love the gloves, but tell me, what is a pashmina? It sounds so warm and exotic.

  2. Lizzie, (you've returned and I am grateful!) a Pashmina (by my definition) is like an extra big furry (preferably with Indian patterned) scarfy scarf of exotic warmth and goodness!

    ; )

  3. See here -

  4. As usual, I've missed so much - and now catching up on my holiday, I'll have to watch the video blog when I'm back, but eagerly looking forward to it and to hear exactly how you announced it :) Huge congrats once again, I'm so very happy for you (and hope the morning/afternoon/evening sickness cooperates very soon!!!) xxx

  5. Hello my dear, I've missed you. And now I find out you are having a baby! How awesome is that. You and your husband/friend must be over the moon. I certainly understand if you are not up to doing all you usually handle with grace and aplomb. The most important thing is looking after yourself and your family. We will all still be here when you are able to feed our souls :-) (BTW, I'm sorry I've also been scarce here. Your blog feed doesn't work it seems when I put your new addy into the list of blogs I follow. I don't know if others are having this problem as well. I've also been spending a lot of time up country with family responsibilities. When there I have so little energy or time to blog or comment on blogs I love to follow. Hopefully now that I'm back for awhile, I can catch up to reading. Blessings and hugs. xx

  6. Dear and loyal friends,

    It has been so upsetting and frustrating that the blog list 'link' seems to be broken and nobody is getting my updates.

    So, I have been doing my homework and you'll never guess... I have solved the problem!!!!!

    Here is the fix for Blogger accounts:

    Go to your bloglist,
    click "add"
    enter this address to follow my blog

    And I'll be back in your blog list in a jiffy!

    Feel free to write to me at if you have any problems!

    Love you all so much!!!


  7. Shell, congratulations on your sweet blessing. And thank you for the new link for following.
    You're sweet. :)

  8. The new link works! Good investigative work my dear. Now I can follow you much easier. :-)

  9. Don't you worry about us Missy! Just you put up your feet and take care of yourself!


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