Friday, June 4, 2010

*gasp* ...and Studio Video Blog #3

Hello sweet peas!

I have watched near to all of the Autumn leaves fall, 
and can see that a new {chilly} season is upon us here in Aus...

But I'm not about to let that stop me smiling!

Or posing!

Or blogging! 

(...and I am duly sorry dear friends, for my recent silence 'round here... 
a lot on my plate 
and big changes in my plans and hopes and dreams have occurred!
{which sometimes take a little time to all soak in...}  
but it is not in anyway, 
bad news..!

See below...

Shell xx


  1. I'm working on the quality of the vblog - will repost video V soon!

    Shell xx

  2. After seeing this adorably joyful post, I do believe I will try my hardest to win you back to my own blog.(I've been reading yours for a couple of months now, but have been too shy to comment.) Congratulations on your baby, and good luck recording!

  3. Oh, Lizzie, thank you for such a kind comment! Never be shy, and I won't either! Had no idea you'd dropped off my 'following' list! But I've put you back on, and I'm so glad to know you! : )))


  4. AAAH so many exciting things! I was going to say yay for purple footless tights UNTIL I heard the word BABY! So exciting! Congratulations! How fabulous to be a tiny little person growing inside your mummy's tummy and surrounded by her beautiful music and voice. You are blessed and we are blessed to know you x x

  5. Thank you Kerri! But the purple footless tights are big news also...

    ; )

  6. Finally got round to watching this vlog! (Took me long enough!!) You are always so expressive and so wonderfully happy, it's contagious :) I'm so thrilled for you about the baby and also very excited to hear the new album. I'll get thinking about a cover song and if anything springs to mind, will be sure to drop a line! Keep well, lovely! xx


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