Monday, June 14, 2010

Wind in my hair...

There's been wind in my hair.
There's been a train in my head.
There's been fire and flood.
Have fallen down, and stood up.

Have found strength in my bones.
Have found fire in my toes.
There's been a change in the air.
There's been wind in my hair.

It's been the season of change.
It's been a heart and mind game.
It's been a veil unveiled.
It's been fragile and frail.

But found strength in my bones.
Had fire in my toes.
Have been to war on my own.
Have been far,
And come home.

...and though change in the air,
Feels too cold to bear,
I'll stand in the clear,
With wind in my hair...

Shell xx


  1. beautiful beautiful words my friend; they are such a blessing to me today..

  2. You have blessed me so many times, in so many ways...

    Love you.


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