Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swinging on swings...

Autumn evenings are delicious.  They are the last hurrah of Summer's warm, long nights, with a hint of a chill, in their breeze.  They are perfect for walking to the shops with children on their bikes, and for sipping ice creams before swinging on swings.

Autumn evenings are delicious things!

Shell xx

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Up and Running...

Just wanted to tell you that - I finished this app!


For 8 Weeks I have trained 3 times a week
come rain, or shine.
Committing myself completely to the trainer's instruction.
And this morning I ran my first, 
5 Kilometre {non-stop} run!

It has been an incredible journey - a life changing one!
I have had to channel both my courage 
and my headstrong determination 
to get through these weeks.
I am both surprised at, and proud of myself
beyond words!

This is not about to become a fitness and weight loss blog,

And while on the subject of blogging, I realise and humbly apologise 
for not posting here as much as I should have lately!

And even though I have lost over 10 kgs! (22 pounds) in 8 weeks-
-the emotional, and spiritual benefits I have been blessed 
with as a result of this adventure, carry a greater measure of importance to me...
 Because this is, and has ever been
a lifestyle blog
about wellness in every realm and aspect,
of this poetic life!
And thus, I have turned a new corner, 
and discovered yet another way,
to have passion, to create joy
seize the day,
and be glad in it!

Shell xx

Friday, March 16, 2012


Yesterday, it was my 34th birthday...

So naturally, I was pictured smiling!

Shell xx

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When the Weather is Fine...

More rain fell at the end of this Summer in Canberra than had ever before been recorded.  And as a result I caught litres of dripping water from the ageing sunroom windows into buckets and towels on and off for weeks on end. 
{Photo by Emma Tully}

But as can always be counted on in Australia, the sun came back out, and we welcomed in the beautiful colours and sunsets of Autumn in this precious, peaceful place...
 So since the rain, I have grown even more aware of how precious it is to work, sit, play and especially eat outside while the weather is fine!
Shell xx