Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Piano fingers...

So it is the last day of Autumn, and while almost the fourth month of living with my precious, newest bundle of a babe comes to a close, I am slowly and faithfully rehabilitating myself in body mind & soul.  I'm beginning to ask myself - what be the next adventure..?

My mornings are delicious, but are they busy!  Near to crazy for all of the tasks that need doing before PM occurs.  My afternoons look as though they should be booked for washing alone for the next decade - and if I obeyed, I could say on my last day that I had an empty laundry basket...

But, nah!

Because instead I am taking a little time each afternoon to find my fingers on the ivories once more...

{New video coming soon...}

Shell xx

Monday, May 23, 2011

Every now and then... a little Swishy swishness!

I had to be in town today to meet a friend, and check some guests into Argyle, my little holiday apartment.  And while doing a little bit of window shopping in between, I seem to have found myself inside the doors of a swish boutique - and very soon afterwards I was the proud owner of some pretty swishy swish leather upper & soled, gold ballet flats!

I am now feeling all special and sparkly, and am childishly wearing them non-stop, glancing romantically down at my feet every few minutes - then experiencing mild anxiety attacks (also known as byers remorse)!  And then reminding myself that a little bit of swishy shishness is okay, and perhaps to be advised advised, every now and then...

Shell xx

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mornings this week...

Have been a mixture of frosty, sunny, foggy, clear, drizzly & in each case, chilly...

But there too have I been 
a-walking in them!

And I cannot tell you how fine it has felt to take half an hour just for my body & my mind each day.

I'm really doing it!  And am going to keep doing so every week day morning.  Until forever.  Just so you know.

Shell xx

Friday, May 13, 2011

My boy...

Three months today my boy!
My darling, my babe, my companion.
Tall and dark and wise my boy,
Shall you be, when of age I imagine...

There are so many days, it seems when you're young,
And so much ahead to discover,
But today is just ours, you and me, my boy,
To spend, in this time, with each other.

Shell xx

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Phone. Purse. Baby..?


I'm trying to think of a clever way to phrase that I feel as though I'm running to stand still this week - that I might've forgotten my head if it weren't screwed on, etc?  meh, you get the idea!

So how are you?  Sorry I've been a little quiet - you've been in my thoughts and there are many posts I should have posted but haven't found or made the time...

Life in my little corner is lovely.  I just have to keep remembering not to sweat over the small things and keep the big picture in mind.  Enjoy the sunshine while I had out the washing, and sing while I sweep the floors (and often instead of)!

And that's really what I sometimes struggle with - feeling as though there isn't the time in a day to make art, to sing, play and go for my famous up hill walks.  To keep on preparing for my upcoming album of new songs - and to write the new ones swirling around my consciousness before I forget them.  You hear a lot of people say that if you don't make time for yourself then you're no good for helping others - and in lots of ways I can see the method in this.  So I'm going to make it happen!

And I'm going to share the fruits of it here, much more blooming often!

Have a blessed weekend!

Shell xx