Monday, May 23, 2011

Every now and then... a little Swishy swishness!

I had to be in town today to meet a friend, and check some guests into Argyle, my little holiday apartment.  And while doing a little bit of window shopping in between, I seem to have found myself inside the doors of a swish boutique - and very soon afterwards I was the proud owner of some pretty swishy swish leather upper & soled, gold ballet flats!

I am now feeling all special and sparkly, and am childishly wearing them non-stop, glancing romantically down at my feet every few minutes - then experiencing mild anxiety attacks (also known as byers remorse)!  And then reminding myself that a little bit of swishy shishness is okay, and perhaps to be advised advised, every now and then...

Shell xx


  1. The swishy ballet flats suit you to a T :-) Enjoy....xx

  2. You are quite right Shell - every now and again - some glitz and swish does us good! And they look gorgeous on you :)

  3. Well, if there's anything to be said about them, it's that they are definitely YOU! Congrats on your new swishy purchase!


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