Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here comes the sun...

This morning I went back up my mountain for the first time in nearly a year.  

I feel triumphant!  Like my post baby body is beginning it's true rehabilitation.  But not just that, it is symbolic of the new season.  Anyone who reads me here knows how I find walking to be ever so important in maintaining my own mental and physical health (especially the mental)!  

How can one think clearly? or pray openly, or keep account of those unreliable feelings without making time to be alone? and to be out of doors where ceilings and walls cannot bind us to inward thinking.  Where the sun touches the top of your head, and the ground under foot, awakens your step, and your bones...

I am so happy to be once again inhabiting the mountains where I feel so belonged - taking in the morning air, and being greeted 'Good morning' by a stranger and fellow hill walker, who will never know how he encouraged me when he said quietly as he walked by me; 'Welcome back'.

Welcome back.  Indeed.

Shell xx

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Sundays are Special...

Because they are homemade.

And the mornings sound of our little cottage kitchen clinking and whisking up freshly fried drop scones, hot, hot tea (at lease two pots worth), iPad2 and random LEGO man (?) just passing on through...

Because Sunday's afternoon has a particular brilliance, and gives us a rare chance to sit, and be...

{Photos by Anna Eliza Tully}

And this Sunday is special because our babe is six weeks old (almost to this very minute), today!

I hope that your Sunday is special too - and that you will list what made it so?

Shell xx

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Days at Sea...

I am walking through a strange and wonderful season.  At times I hardly know it's name, or my exact vocation in it.  But it seems none the less, I am walking not alone, but with a small herd of special little people alongside...  I am the captain of this ship, and I suppose if nothing, and above all else - my vocation is to see it sail well - though any and all waters.

I won't lie, I have felt overwhelmed of late, especially when my friend is away.  I sometimes feel ill equipped for this vocation of mine - beautiful that it is - supported though I am - it is still a big ocean to cross, and I've never sailed exactly this way, before...

{photo by Emma}

So I apologise for my week of silence here in this place.  I am keen from now to share more of my sailing adventures.  I will be more frequently about, as I know I need to be a presence here - it feeds a part of my soul to be blogginly mingling amongst you all!

To read, and to be read.  To share is to give, and nothing inspires a weary soul into creative vigour like giving of one's honest literary self; and the drinking up of wise words from kindreds I have found and loved here...

{photo by Emma}

The air grows colder these days, round Hillview way... and it's inspiring weather to me - it is cosy afternoons in front of the fire, it is long walks wrapped in woolen scarves, these things are wind for my family's sails on these days at sea.  The season is new, the journey is uncertain, but alone, I'll never be.  As long as unwritten, I do not become.

This is just the beginning of a great adventure.  Sail with me?

Shell xx

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Of Irish eyes, and Irish pride...

I never understood why my eyes were green.

My mother's are brown - as she is Syrian/Lebanese-
and my father's blue, since he was born in Wells, Austria.

But somewhere back there, in my ancestry
There are smiling Irish eyes
Who twinkle, through mine, today!

And this is just for fun!

It doesn't even fit in this little bloggy column - but I thought that was it's wicked, playful Irishness, bursting through!

Happy St Patrick's Day
To you!

Shell xx

Sunday, March 13, 2011

One Month... since I gave birth, and it has been an amazing four weeks indeed.

I feel like my eyes are more open,
My senses more acute,
My mind is more alert, and welcoming to wisdom, and faith,
and especially to love.

And my love, speaking of which, is finally home...

So this month past-
this crazy, wonderful first four weeks
is not only over-
has not only prepared us for a myriad of possibilities ahead,
But has brightened my mornings,
and left me happily restful by night
has herewith, given my days even more meaning!

My little wriggly, grunting chubby cheeked fellow,
How foolish I was to have thought I was complete without you.

Welcome Home,
Little one.

I am so glad you're here.

Shell xx

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thankfulness, this Sunday...

Cool Autumn morning, 
cosy little house, 
hot cup of tea, 
and a three week old babe...

A thirteen year old, a ten year old, a five, and a four year old under my wings;

I have so much to do - and so much more, to be thankful for...

Shell xx

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to these Autumn days...


Bring down the leaves, strip back the trees.  Turn them from green to orange, and brown!

We marked the first day of her Autumns goodness by digging in the garden beds, and by eating fine fresh food outside in the slightly cooled air, under the trees...

And Kate brought me three ripe figs.

I confessed to the very same sister a few weeks ago that I had never actually sampled a fig before - naturally she was shocked, appalled.  So today she brought me three, from the farmyard tree.

And now, I heart the!

So all of that is to say, a welcome to these, Autumn days.  

My favourite season is here, and I am ready to embrace it!  Ready to continue settling in with my new little fellow, then to take hold of,  and to pick up where I left off with my music, my art, my vocal craftings, until I have something which expresses the newer, wiser, more utterly inspired, me.

And a happy Autumn to you too.  {Even if you confusedly are calling it Spring}!

Shell xx