Monday, March 15, 2010

Dawn of a Birthday...

Before the dawn broke on Hillview this morning, I arose and put on my walking shoes. Determined to see the sunrise on this, the first day of my 32nd year!

And while I waited for the sun to meet me, up over the shield of Black Mountain and it's tower across the way, I made you a little video blog (my very first in fact!) ...

My voice was a little bit flimsy, being that is was 6.30am! I hope you can hear me! It was my first attempt at this new self-filmed media, & I plan to add more VBlog entries from now on.

But back to the dawn of my birthday... so, not long after I spoke to you...

Up, she started to come..

The hills were alive, and I was like an Australian Maria! On my own, with my birthday sunrise...

And two young male Kangaroos, fighting...

Balloons - (undoubtedly arranged there just for me!)

On my decline from the mountain, I felt so glad that I had gone to see the dawn break on my earthly birthday. I was light, and practically skipped all the way home!

It feels good to be 32! And to know that I am really starting to understand the meaning, of my life. Which is to love, and to serve. And any gifts I have; to sing, or to write - are tools to be used to aid in this service. I love looking back upon the years, and knowing I am so changed in so many ways. Though still a bit of an idiot, still a tragically emotional poet, and still laughing, (mostly at myself)...

Still me.

But a little more fond of my good ol' self, each year. Which too, must aid, in my service.

Thank you for coming, to my party.

Shell xx


  1. Happy Birthday Shell!!!! What a wonderful way to start YOUR special day! Thankyou for sharing it with me, I am blessed, honoured, touched and inspired! Your video blog was awesome!! You rock birthday girl!!! Have a day as awesome and special as you are! love always
    Lynn xxxx

  2. I really can not think of a more fitting or more glorious way to begin one's birthday. You truly are a woman fashioned for love, fashioned for joy! Have a wonderful and blessed day of celebration - and imagine my big birthday hug from afar. You are inspiring in your growing, as in all you do! Love xx

  3. What a delightful young woman you are. It was a real treat to see you on video blog and also to see the wonderful,spectacular scenery. How blessed you are to be surrounded by such beauty. It was so cool to hear the happiness and excitement on this your special day. God bless you and give you many more wonderful earthly birthdays. Much love xx Joyful

  4. AAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are so adorable! I loved seeing you and hearing your voice! I wanted to be there and give you a great big hug! And I must tell you that I think your birthday photos are GLORIOUS! They are just lovely! The light is wonderful! 32 is a good number. I really liked being 32, it's seems better to me than 33 for some reason! Isn't is funny and wonderful that we like ourselves more every year? I feel the same way. I hope you had a most excellent day!

  5. That was AWESOME! You have inspired me. I loved seeing you just as you are and hearing your 'speaking' voice. You're so cute! Did any one see you? hehe A big happy birthday to you!

  6. ah, I ADORE the video blog - I love hearing the charm of your voice and the joy that is so evident in your soul. LOVE IT!


    THE BEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO YOU MISS! Here's to joy and love and happiness!

  7. ...the gift...of YOU...was OURs...


  8. Touched, and feeling so "friended" by you all - thank you once again ladies!

    And Allison, no, I was so nice and early that no-one came near for quite a while after I finished filming and photographing!


  9. A happy (though slightly late) birthday wish to you!
    Beautiful sunrise to go with a lovely smile.


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