Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Presenting... my first little doodle...

...Well it's been a tough road kids.

Slaving for hours over my canvas and palate - staring at the results of my tiresome labour while sucking down entire punnets of strawberries and fruit smoothies in my sunroom.

But against all odds such as these, here it is!

The easel - which I think is even more beautiful, and more a work of art than the painting - was made for me, by my darling husband. My Jamie.
A gift for my birthday - and a response to me whining about the inconvenience of having to bend over the table in order to create this masterful, nonsensical doodle!

But, with all this said and done, I did promise you I would finish my very first oil painting by my birthday, and I did. It was completed on Sunday (the day before), and it is called -

The Dream

{Abstract} interpretation of the whirling thoughts
feelings one encounters throughout sleep...
Whites, soft blues representing falling into - light sleep,
while deeper darker, more layered colours
express the twists and turns,
hopes fears and tumblings of heavy slumber.

I feel I've made a start on a study, and a hobby, which so far I have very much enjoyed. A new way to express myself, and a sort of coming full circle from high school Art class... And such is with every new adventure - more depth of thought and Holy Spirit, I have sought, and found.

- Anxious, nervous, nevertheless eager, for your thoughts...

Shell xx


  1. <3 this!, creative soul!
    i do often "soul painting" where i put on some tunes && just paint it up..let it it all!


  2. It's beautiful, Shell. I didn't know you had a timed goal on this so am glad to hear you made it. I too have a desire to create (paint and other things) though I don't have a firm goal on the painting ~ yet. Hugs <3 p.s. Nice easel too.

  3. Such a beautiful painting! Wow! Well done! And a big happy birthday to you too!!
    Love Martine

  4. This is really beautiful Mechelle! It is dreamy and whimsical... I love your colours, and the work of your hands...

  5. So vibrant! Is it just me or is there a dream woman in there surrounded by her long swirling hair?

  6. Very nice! Love the swirls! You did a great job!! Thanks for sharing it. :)

  7. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thisehxdxf ...

    (so happy - lost concentration!)

    Consider me officially spurred on my your kindness!

  8. That is meant to read -

    Consider me officially spurred on BY your kindness!

    Love to all!


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