Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be my guest...

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a guest blogger for the beautiful Sarah over at the reflective and heartfelt blog Middlepaw in order to share my "love story" with a selection of other loving bloggers leading up to Valentines day.

So I thought it fitting to share my post here as well as there...

The first time I saw Jamie, I was both terribly impressed, and totally convinced that somebody that well bred, well read, with a face that perfect, and a heart that kind, could never become a beau of mine!  So therefore I didn't giggle or pose, or play any games, I just spoke to him - and we became friends.  There was a light which awoke inside me when we spoke, and before long I knew that he was to be my rescuer.  And soon after that he did become that beau of mine, but it ended up being a case of two very best friends, falling in love.
We were to do the rest of our growing up together as a couple, having being married at ages eighteen and nineteen.  For us this was the natural next step for our friendship, love and commitment - it was wonderful!  We were blessed to be able to live together in a gorgeous little historic cottage on Jamie's parent's family farm.  Our days and nights were filled with love and laughter, and learning every part of who each other were.  Our cares were not for money, possessions or anything except time spent together - this was our treasure, and in that we were rich indeed!
The creative thread which runs through our partnership is music, and we have had the most amazing adventure so far being able to work together as musicians in our band and tour overseas.  But perhaps the most special gift has been becoming parents to five special and amazing small people!  Making a home with them and living the good life where family comes first, and love never fails. 
I have had tremendous trouble putting into words what my love story means to me, it's so hard to explain without a poem or a piano near! other than to say that I know I was rescued by that well bred, well read, beautiful man (both inside and out), and as we enter into our fifteenth year of marriage I can honestly say he is still my best friend.  And I am still his.  
And we're just getting started!

Shell xx


  1. Aw, this is so sweet. A tribute to love and friendship. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love and blessings and many more years together as a happy family. xx


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