Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lady birds, and lemon drops...

It rained so heavily last night that I thought Green House Cottage might float away on a wave of water and electrical storm!  I had all my babies cooped up inside with me and together we got cosy and watched the rain from our dry safe place.

 This morning when I awoke the air was calm and the skies so misty, but still.  I went outside with my camera for a stroll in the garden to take some quiet air before starting the day and found this stunning lady on my sage leaf!
It is very really summer here in Canberra, Australia, but everyone is commenting on the temperamental weather we've been having - cool mornings and hot afternoons, followed by stormy nights...  I think it's beautiful, and a testament to the fact that one can never rely on the weather to do what we expect, or even what we want!

It reminds me of what inspiration is to the artist - you cannot force it, plan it, or make it "start shining" just when you want.  Me, I have been inside a crazy weather pattern these last few months (or maybe years) where rain has threatened my creative senses for what I know I've let go on far too long.  I need to begin again with my poetry, which takes me back to my notebooks, which draw my heart back to the piano keys and in natural succession, the studio.  And most importantly, maybe even you - the listener?

Right now the sun is hot, and my mostly sleepless body is tired, but I guess I just wanted to formally acknowledge here that I am on the journey of my return to inspiration, and in turn creation.  I will go now, rest my heart and settle my feelings with some deep breathing and green tea soon to come back to you, the artist, anew...

Shell xx

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  1. Life is full of transformation, isn't it!? Thanks for taking me along your journey, Shell. You inspire me.


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