Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Daily Bowl...

Oh how I am loving my mornings even more of late perhaps than ever!  There is a vitality and a strength in me which is growing with my running strength and stamina week by week - but that's enough about exercise - let's talk about food!  So, the only thing that feels better than getting back in the morning after a run is when my mind turns to what shall I delight in for breakfast?  And lately I am positively obsessed with porridge!  Oats, honey, yoghurt, embellished with anything else fresh and fruity that comes to hand!  These are my very own, home grown raspberries - and they are so stunningly delicious nestled in-between honey toasted oats and yoghurt I cannot begin to say...
I have also been having a renaissance with green tea - top quality gourmet tea bags with perfect jasmine flowers that dance in my cup and open in the hot water.
 So I just had to share some of my daily bowls with you and end with this morning's blueberries and banana = bliss!
Shell xx


  1. I just love coming here and catching up..so much life, beauty, and inspiration to be found!! Your daily bowl looks SO SO yummy!!!

    Just listened to some of your tunes up top..beautiful blur is great!!! Love your voice!!

  2. Thank you sweet lady - for your comment and your compliments! I feel the same way about your blog too!
    xx xx


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