Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 11am.

In the middle of Koko Black Canberra City - myself, along with some dear friends, braced against the bustle of clinking coffee cups and background chatter.  Together we held hands, closed our eyes and prayed "we will remember them..."

Shell xx

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Regained, regathered, renewed...

Out, from underneath a cloud of grey, with a fighting spirit, and a will of iron, there emerged the Tully family to celebrate and truly enjoy what had long been planned as a week of great enjoyment...

All Hallows Eve fell upon us and we dressed up (this year as various Disney characters) and swing danced into the night, played games, and laughed.  I'll have you know - we laughed a great deal!

On Tuesday it was Melbourne Cup Day - the horse race which stops this nation in it's tracks on the first Tuesday of each November.  Tradition is for one to dress as though one is attending the races with a proper spiffing hat!  And this was Emma's sensation.   

A few days after that it was Emma's birthday - and as usual on this day, for the last 14 years now, it was very, very special. 

On Saturday afternoon Tara decided that an impromptu tea party for herself, and some of her toys was in order!  So I made a pot of tea for her and her "guests" in her own little tea pot, and we toasted, and giggled together to the spring and the fine company!

And I ended such a carefully celebrated week with a good, therapeutic jam session!  

I truly regret my absence here of late.  

Please know that I have been regaining energy, regathering inspiration, renewing my thoughts and am returning to this place, with more passion than ever before - to live this life well for my family, my beloved friends who come here to read me, and for my God, who restores it all that once was lost...

Shell xx