Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brain confusing, ever amusing!

I wonder, if you wonder where I've been? I've been wondering the very same thing!

Well, even if you weren't wondering, I shall list some of the time consuming, brain confusing, ever amusing activities that have been keeping me from updating daily in this place of late.

Caution: List may include ranting!

I have been;
  • Building a new Tullys website - which is not easy when you're a singer by trade!
  • Creating a Facebook Ad for The Tullys page.
  • Making Asparagus & Leak Soup - essential Winter comfort food - & easy to eat while at the computer!
  • Buying an apartment - so there goes extra money for more red & sequined shoes!
  • Organising a Tullys photo shoot for this weekend.
  • Thinking, planning & shopping for my two August babies who celebrate their birthdays this coming Saturday & Tuesday.
  • Walking up the round hill - trying to calm my nerves - and my curves!
  • Generally feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day to get all that I want done!
But all is well. Very well. I feel like I'm getting somewhere! And as long as I jump up everyday and get stuck in to my life, I know I can succeed!

Enough about me! How been you?

Shell xx


  1. What a hilarious post! nice to hear how you have been. i have been very busy too. thanks for the amusing update!

    Jen x

  2. Hey Shell, my you have been busy! It is busy and hot,hot, hot over here. About 40C for the past few days. It was also the 3rd night of annual fireworks competition with the UK showing it's pyrotechnic skills. Today was also my move in day at the condo. So will be moving from hotel by Friday. Yipee! It has been almost 3 mos. here.


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