Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morning, on the Round Hill...

It is said that my husband's grandfather and grandmother would walk together on Round Hill while they were courting. It is also said that they fell in love there...

I fall in love there every time I go. With the misty mornings at such a latitude. Able to see a flock of hot air balloons taking off for an early Autumn morning float. I happened upon these the other morning, I was unprepared without my Nikon, but my iPhone was able to capture some of what I saw... {note: tiny specks = hot air balloons without a zoom lens}

My feet were wet, and dyed crimson by my shoes by the time I got home!

And what better way to start a day!

Shell xx


  1. Haha. I was thinking "Shell, I think you need to clean your camera lens!" LOL What a gorgeous and romantic early morning walk, and how lovely to think of whose footsteps you follow in the same vein. Hot air balloons are always a sight to see. So cool!

  2. ...WOW...what a beautiful place this is...& quite the setting for a budding romance...i could fall in love there...too...& i'll remember to wear my Wellies when i visit...

  3. Oh my goodness, I want to go there. Those first two pictures are beautiful. I always have this picture in my mind of this beautiful place that I want to go and those two pictures (especially #1) come close to giving me that same feeling. ..Beautiful!

  4. Oh I wish I was walking and watching the new day dawn from up on that hill right now... I love it. I love that you take the time to fall in love with our beautiful landscape, and with stories from the past...

  5. The photos are beautiful. Makes me want to be there and join you for the walk. Though we have had a very mild winter and will soon be into spring suddenly the weather has turned cold. And it snowed today. Can you imagine we had an Olympics without snow and now we had snow today? It is really something. I do hope I can snap some photos of the early cherry blossoms before they all disappear but the driving rains make these gentle blossoms flutter to the ground. Anyway, I love your views and look forward to improving weather here. Thank you too for your recent kind words on an earlier blog. I really do appreciate the lovely sentiments so much. Big hugs xx

  6. Had to come back and see that beautiful scenery again... :)


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