Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome to these Autumn days...


Bring down the leaves, strip back the trees.  Turn them from green to orange, and brown!

We marked the first day of her Autumns goodness by digging in the garden beds, and by eating fine fresh food outside in the slightly cooled air, under the trees...

And Kate brought me three ripe figs.

I confessed to the very same sister a few weeks ago that I had never actually sampled a fig before - naturally she was shocked, appalled.  So today she brought me three, from the farmyard tree.

And now, I heart the!

So all of that is to say, a welcome to these, Autumn days.  

My favourite season is here, and I am ready to embrace it!  Ready to continue settling in with my new little fellow, then to take hold of,  and to pick up where I left off with my music, my art, my vocal craftings, until I have something which expresses the newer, wiser, more utterly inspired, me.

And a happy Autumn to you too.  {Even if you confusedly are calling it Spring}!

Shell xx


  1. That beautiful ripe colour of the open fig is one of the things I miss about Malta... figs just aren't the same here!

  2. Oh I love Autumn (spring here ;). One of my favourite seasons. Your fig looks so divine too. So nice, red and juicy.

  3. I have never eaten a fresh fig (nor seen them in our Canadian grocery stores, save for once, when they were pitifully squashed).


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