Friday, May 20, 2011

Mornings this week...

Have been a mixture of frosty, sunny, foggy, clear, drizzly & in each case, chilly...

But there too have I been 
a-walking in them!

And I cannot tell you how fine it has felt to take half an hour just for my body & my mind each day.

I'm really doing it!  And am going to keep doing so every week day morning.  Until forever.  Just so you know.

Shell xx


  1. love the photos! I'm inspired to get back into walking! We don't have frost where I live - so I really don't have any excuses to get out of bed and go for a walk on a cold morning! :) Enjoy walking! :) Martine

  2. that sounds wonderful. the kind of mornings you describe are my kind of mornings. they are so invigorating and beautiful and give a good reason to have nice cups of hot tea or coffee afterward. enjoy ;-)

  3. Martine, I'm so happy, thrilled to even begin to inspire anyone to walk - I find I can talk to the Lord & be shown all sorts of truths while I'm outside making tracks in His creation...

    The photos were taken on my iPhone - which I thought was cool!

    Joyful, anytime is a good time for tea, coffee, each or both!

  4. This reminds me of the Australian autumn we've left behind (my favourite time of year) - I think I'm still adjusting to the warm weather and flowers EVERYWHERE and the sweet chirping birds :)

    I too am a firm believer of the need to treat our bodies and souls to the Lord's creation every day if we can!


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