Saturday, May 7, 2011

Phone. Purse. Baby..?


I'm trying to think of a clever way to phrase that I feel as though I'm running to stand still this week - that I might've forgotten my head if it weren't screwed on, etc?  meh, you get the idea!

So how are you?  Sorry I've been a little quiet - you've been in my thoughts and there are many posts I should have posted but haven't found or made the time...

Life in my little corner is lovely.  I just have to keep remembering not to sweat over the small things and keep the big picture in mind.  Enjoy the sunshine while I had out the washing, and sing while I sweep the floors (and often instead of)!

And that's really what I sometimes struggle with - feeling as though there isn't the time in a day to make art, to sing, play and go for my famous up hill walks.  To keep on preparing for my upcoming album of new songs - and to write the new ones swirling around my consciousness before I forget them.  You hear a lot of people say that if you don't make time for yourself then you're no good for helping others - and in lots of ways I can see the method in this.  So I'm going to make it happen!

And I'm going to share the fruits of it here, much more blooming often!

Have a blessed weekend!

Shell xx


  1. Lol - I cannot express enough how much I relate to this post! ;) Glad you're well, however (if flustered)... big hugs to you! xxx

  2. Nice to see you. I think a lot of us are absent from the blogosphere than we intend but you've certainly got big reasons (responsibilities) impacting on your time. Enjoy the moments. Whatever they may be ;-)

  3. Hi there Mechelle! I hope your finding little bits of time for you in your days! I'm trying to do the same! Love Martine

  4. Kle - thanks for your words. Love to you xx

    Joyful - I shall enjoy the moments, and try to blog some of them too!

    Martine - Gosh you're a sweetie! I am walking up the hill every morning at about 7am while all the babies are still sleeping - it's doing wonders to my heart and mind to take some time for myself at the beginning of the day, everyday.

    Thanks again for the kind and loving words ladies.

    Shell xx


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