Monday, May 31, 2010

The girls and the seasons...

For this,
the last day of my favouite season, 
being orange Autumn, 
I want to celebrate the falling of leaves, the yellows and the greens,   
The gentle, cooling introduction to our Winter,

For the smell of freshly picked (late blooming) lavender,
and steady signs of winter bulbs about to flower in my garden beds,

For the beautiful girls who cluck and scratch around my leafy outdoors,
And deliver the freshest and most magical eggs in the entire universe for breakfast.

For the delight and enlightenment brought by the changing over of life's seasons,
which has been a constant theme and awareness during my walk so far,
through this life,

For the seasons which cause us to reflect,
and respite,
and renew,
and rejoice...

...through all of this, I have so much to tell you, and it's nearly time.

Shell xx


Thank you for your thoughts...