Saturday, February 13, 2010

So many things...

Oh. Rainy day.

If you don't live in Australia, then you probably have lots of these kind of days.
But in Canberra, rain is a rare and beautiful privilege.
I have scarcely been able to pull myself away form the window,
The sheer sound of water, set in overnight,
and stayed all day - it's 5:18 in the afternoon, and still raining!

It means so many things in the height of the February summer;
It means fire fighters, and bushfire emergency lookout crews can go home,
and put up their feet!
It means the trees will get enough to keep them going a little longer.
I means all the wooden window frames in my 1930's cottage/home are leaking, and I don't mind a jot!

I am listening to The Whitlams and considering a rain song, of my very own.

How be your rainy (or not so rainy) day?

Shell xx


  1. That sounds so nice. ..and I love that pretty picture with your shoes. :)

  2. ...LOVE that you might compose your own rain song...&...strange to see in writing "February summer"...why i think that's my's song worthy!

  3. It is lovely to see someone who enjoys rain. I know when people live where it is dry they love the rain :-) Where I live we get a lot of rain, esp. in winter so people don't love it as much. Right now, I am in the interior where my mom lives and it is very dry here. We had a spot of rain a few days ago and it is supposed to rain today then sunshine all week. I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day :-) Look forward to your "rain song".


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