Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The time of my life...

If you're a singer/songwriter; self taught, young, raw and unknown; and a world renowned producer picks up your demo and likes it, so much that he wants to take you to Sydney and record your first album(!) - it is likely to be a really big thing in your life...

I still can hardly believe this is my own story. And that I got to make an album, my album. We called it "Twelve Short Stories" with each song telling a tale of life, love or woe - most of the stories are about growing up, which I was in the very midst of at the time...

So without further ado I'm really proud say I have my own iTunes button!

The Tullys - Twelve Short Stories

And you can "click" it if you want : )
and check me out on the world's largest online music store!

I will leave you with one of our pre-production videos... So here's the scene:

The Tullys band rehearsing in the shearing shed on the family farm in Canberra Australia, before heading to the studio in Sydney the next week on a hot summer afternoon, producer Richard Lush in attendance, and Ben Hakalitz on drums!

I hope it's clear how much fun we had - it really was the creative and professional, time of my life. I am so looking forward to doing it all again soon, but in the meantime I hope you will enjoy this album.

Shell xx


  1. Congratulations!! That is fantastic! I look forward to listening to your music!! :) Martine

  2. AAAAH! I am SO excited for you! You fabulous creature, you have arrived! And to think I knew you before you got an iTunes button! So so super cool :)

  3. Martine, thank you, please tell me what you think of my music - I love your personal music tastes listed on your blog - especially Glen Hansard from the movie Once!

    And Kerri, I know, I know, to think you knew me before I was a button! Oh, the fame! *giggles*


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