Thursday, February 18, 2010

Before I was a button...

...I was a video star!

This film clip was made in 2006 on our farm in Canberra. Features my incredibly talented and good looking band mates, brothers Jamie and Cameron.

There were actually two versions of the video made; this one was for our overseas audience, what with the great Aussie outback background and the flag making their quite deliberate appearances.

Another one ended up being filmed about a year later, because the record label who was trying to sign us at the time was worried this first clip looked like we might be a country band - and we couldn't have that misunderstanding now could we?!

Note: I was seven months pregnant with my forth baby when this was filmed! Yikes!

Do tell me how you feel, and what you think? I am so enjoying showing off these pieces of my career to you - and don't forget to push my button now will you...

The Tullys - Twelve Short Stories

; )

Shell {Button-Smith} xx


  1. Okay well I love it and went to itunes and listened to your music. great tunes. cheap price for such good music. your a beautiful artist too shell

  2. I'm glad you caught your balance! I have to admit that made me nervous. That and the fact that you almost got pegged by the ball. Your brothers were cracking me up though. They're very entertaining. =D


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