Sunday, February 21, 2010

a Short Study of Feet and Keys...

I needed a new banner for my royal bloginess!

These were all contenders...

In the end I went with, what now is, my new banner!

Would love to know what you think?

Be still, and well this blessed weekend dear friends.

Shell xx


  1. I like the new banner, but I think I like photo #3 the best, but that's just me, and it's YOUR blog! =)

  2. Suitably artistic, creative and unique, just like you!
    I like all the pics but #5 is my personal fav ; )

  3. ...legs...leGS...& more LEGS...cuz they are GORGEOUS...LOVE the one you PICKED!!!

  4. Very cool dear sister! I do, however, like the last one the best :))
    Love Leanie

  5. Oh, I love them all! I have to say, the last one is my favourite too, although I love the one you picked. Pretty fabric draping, tick.

    It was so lovely to meet you yesterday, I hope the drive back wasn't too hard on you.


  6. I love your new banner. I can't even remember your former one :-)

  7. I LOVE this! You picked the perfect one! How was the delightful Emily's wedding?

  8. Oh, I'm so grateful for your thoughts, I love our discussions, I love when you tell it like it is! My 'legs' ended up in the shot quite by accident! It was meant to just be some red pointy flat feet!

    I am loving the new banner too - though it was a toss up of sorts between the current victor, the 3rd (echoing Allison's tastes) and the final shot. I will oscillate between them all from now just to keep you guessing! {Whoever notices and drops a comment gets a cookie!} ; )

    Caitlin it was a pleasure to meet you! Trip home was fast and enjoyable - all our children slept all the way, so Jamie and I talked animatedly about the wonderful time we had just had...

    ...Which brings me to the beautiful Kerri; it was truly delightful my friend! I wish so much that you were there too! I have photos and commentary to post but sort of wanted to wait and see what our new sparkling bride has to say first (not wanting to tread on her, news telling toes) if that makes any sense?! I believe it was all that she and Alex had hoped for, and undoubtedly more! It was happy, and heartfelt, and whimsical! It was very Emily, and incredibly Alex! I feel sure they will be very happy.

    (longest comment ever!) Love to all xx

  9. Shell, you have a lovely blog! You're thoughts and heart - beautiful. S was so pleased to meet you on Saturday and really enjoyed the ceremony. Sadly, she didn't manage to take pictures, but we both look forward to seeing the lovely Emily and Alex on somebody's blog, somewhere, sometime.

    PS - Number 3

  10. I didn't realize you were going to the wedding of dear Emily (whom I do not know so well though I do love to read her blogs). I'm glad you had a lovely time and when you say the wedding was "so Emily", I know for sure it was tasteful, elegant and beautiful :-)

  11. I love it, I ADORE it. The sight of your feet and your hands at a piano could not seem more natural!


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