Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nothing Short of Wonderful!

This time, a week ago, I was a wide eyed visitor in the beautiful city of Sydney, in order to attend the wedding of our favourite wide eyed princess of blogger world, miss Emily, to her rather lovely beau, Alex.

It was, so nice to look up at the ceilings of a church that I have heard, and read so much about from my friend. It was, apt, that the art was predominantly blue...

It was, so special to see all my loves lined up in the pews awaiting the bride.

And to hold the booklet which I knew had been so lovingly, and thoughtfully put together by these two young people, so very much in love...

I can't show you too much of what went on; for that we must await the bride's official presentation! But I will say that it was, nothing short of wonderful!

The spirit of genuineness and love was felt by all. It was really a very Christian wedding (which fed my soul), and the liveliness of such enlightened hearts was echoed though all of the personal touches, and articulately given, heartfelt speeches...

I was also approached by a great many of you preciously, and previously unveiled bloggers - who knew my face/blog - and told me they liked them, both! It was really a spot of unexpected specialness to meet those like minded souls.

And every time I looked at herself, she hugged me.
A very happy hug indeed.
My emotions too, were swept away with the colourful, sub-tropical, summery air...

{And I did think to myself: that this day, she looked less like a girl, and more like a woman}

Jamie and I chirped and chatted all the way home of the very wonderful time we and the children had had. In the morning I had tea, and a favour.

Again, it felt special, to have been a little part of it. To have tasted a little piece of it. And to have given a little portion of ourselves - to be there on this day in support, and to say with our presence, our presents, our charging of glasses, and our smiles, that we wish you well, in everything always, and acknowledge that what God has joined together, no one can ever undermine.


Shell xx


  1. Oh good grief! How did I miss this post? Looks like it was a lovely day! Can't wait to see Emily's pics!

  2. I somehow missed this post too :-( I am so glad you shared a little of Emily's wonderful and blessed day. Isn't it so great that you & your loves got to share in her special day? What a handsome family you have too dear Shell xx

  3. My dear friend, I can' begin to tell you how special it was to see you and your beautiful family there... to remember back to when we first met, when I first told you about Alex, and then that we were getting married, that you could witness our committment. I love you and your kin! Who made our day that little bit lovlier x


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