Monday, February 8, 2010

Paint on the paper...

...and most deliciously on my palette too it seems!

Though, this world is new to me. I have not painted since I was in my final year of school. Since nearly as soon after as then it has been in my mind... Then for a time I forgot! I walked among motherhood, weight gain, weight loss, daydreaming - then found my singer's voice, and my pianist's hand.

Before I could blink my 20's had nearly passed by me - but all the while if I were to pass by a thickly embellished abstract oil on paper or canvas I would look intently, and slow my steps, and fix my eyes upon it, and remember my one-time love, of the form.

To paint as my silly head sees things.
To place colour where I will it.
To come back to the place of my later teens...
and to not let my 31st year pass me by, without a new painting finished and posted here.

Shell xx


  1. yes Yes YES YES YES! PAINT! Oh! and post it here for us!

  2. That is so wonderful Mechelle! Enjoy painting! I look forward to seeing some of your creations! :)Martine

  3. Oh Mechelle, it is never too late to begin again things we once loved! Or things we have always wished to do (mine is to play the piano-accordion). Blessings to you! I will look forward to seeing the results x


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