Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love you, and leave you...

[a cousin's birthday balloon party on the trampoline on a summer's eve - does it get any better?!]

Tis the summer that really makes me love and feel Australian. And though I don't give a hoot of credibility to the unfounded theory of climate change; this summer has been a hot one...

So it's a shame to see it starting to wind down for another year. I noticed today that the sun is setting just a little earlier, and with it my thoughts are turning to ideas of autumn activities and clothes and colours.

My creative moods are very much inspired by the seasons, and I love the different aspects and inclinations of each one - songs I write in the inferno of an Aussie summer are very different to the ones I will write in the throws of a marino woolen, scarf-clad wintery day. I think about friends I have made who live the other side of our equator who are deep in wintery snow and cold right now, and I think how wonderful it would be if I could take the concord up and across to see them and experience the chill, just for a change, just for a day, or two!

Okay, so this post is lacking a point, and an air of excitement I know! My friend has flown away today to a foreign place to work for two weeks, and I miss him very much already. But a little longing and despair will work wonders in the songwriting realm for me I dare say!

So without much of a point, or an anthemic chorus to end, I will love you and leave you, with an excerpt from one of my favourite and most enjoyable times in my very fortunate professional life... Recording, and all the fun and fury that goes along with it.

...and yes, the man lying on the floor playing the bass guitar is my husband! My friend.

Shell xx


  1. I played your video and Griffin started bouncing up and down while sitting in my lap. Good stuff!

  2. You're adorable! Beautiful music as always! And I know how you feel about your loved one going away. Dean leaves me for two weeks this month too. Boo hoo :(

  3. Though I like summer, I love autumn. I hope you have a wonderful autumn this year. I was watching news this morning to see the Gold Coast under tons of rain and some other area ablaze in fire. I pray you are all okay where you are. Love the music :-)

  4. Thank you friends. I felt a little silly for posting this seemingly pointless letter to the world! But you have found me here, and sensitively derived my meaning. Perhaps explained it back to me!

    I would be a lost soul at times, without your commentary.

  5. I love this little montage AND ALWAYS love hearing your voice! So when is the North American tour?


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